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Official merchandise gifts for your siblings to give him a delightful surprise on Raksha bandhan

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While everyone is looking for an online Raksha Bandhan gift, we are here to help you with the same. Instead of buying something regular and ordinary, you can buy official Merchandise gifts for your brother and sister in order to give them a delightful surprise on Raksha Bandhan. Let us look at some of the gift ideas that can make your Raksha Bandhan gift extra special;

Netflix themed T-shirts

If your brother or sister likes to chill and watch Netflix movies or web series then you can appreciate their love for Netflix by giving them the official Merchandise gifts of Netflix and associated series. You may buy a custom-designed Netflix T shirt that may have its logo or something funny written on it. Besides this, you can also see T-shirt designs around specific web series such as Panchayat, Kota factory, Mirzapur etc. You may also opt for a quality Christian streetwear for a change.

Cartoon superhero socks

You might remember struggling in the morning to find the right pair of your socks because of too many similar socks in your house. So you can differentiate your socks from those of their siblings by buying nice cartoon superhero socks for your siblings. You may choose any cartoon for any character that your sibling likes, you can get Batman socks, Superman socks or Avengers socks for your siblings and send Rakhi online. 

Baby bat bobblehead

Bobblehead toys are becoming very popular these days. This is because of the fact that they are so cute and adorable. You can get any famous character and select a bobblehead toy of the same. This cute little gift would definitely be delightful for your sibling. You can place it in the room or at the table and play with it often. Also the gaze of the toy would remind your siblings of your love. This, making them feel happy about this gift. 

3d Thor hammer mug

Personalized coffee mugs are a popular choice when choosing rakhi gifts for sisters. However, instead of customising the coffee mug that you have chosen for your sibling, you can pick a specially designed, creative design in the coffee mug  that is designed around some specific theme. You can get a 3D Thor Hammer mug from the market or use any such creative design of coffee mug for your brother or sister. 

WWE wrestlers action figures

We all have grown up watching WWE with our siblings and many of us might have even played fake wrestling with them. So if you and your sibling share memories relating to WWE or still love to watch it, then you can buy WWE wrestlers Action figures as gifts for your siblings and get them for your siblings along with some other gifts that you have picked for them. 

Minion plush slippers

It is not that only girls love cute and adorable gift items, you can give such gifts to your brothers as well. you may buy Minion plush slippers for your brother or sister and give them as an adorable token of your love on Raksha Bandhan. Your siblings would feel delighted to get these gifts and would wear them often in the house. Thus, liking it even more. 

Harry Potter house scarves

Whether you were born during the nineties or during the 2000s, Harry Potter is a character that is known to all and everybody loves the movie and related stuff. So why not buy something related to the movie that you like. You can buy the official Merchandise of the Harry Potter series or you can buy a Harry Potter house scarf for your siblings and have fun with it. 

Sporty cereal bowl

You can buy rakhi gifts online and express your affection towards your sibling instead of purchasing something regular. You can buy something extra special. You can buy a  sporty cereal bowl or coffee mug that may look like a football, basketball, badminton Or any such creative design. Your siblings can use it often and thank you for giving such a nice gift. Besides your siblings, you too can use these cereal bowls and coffee mugs. 


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