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OfferUp vs Craigslist: Which Pays More for Selling? Short Comparison

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There are a lot of comparisons on the internet these days in which they compare many selling platforms.

Now, you may have seen comparisons like “OfferUP vs Letgo”. But, let’s talk about one of the most prominent Brands that there are. Craiglist. 

Before we get started, there are some chances that you might not even know what Is Offerup. If you want to sell things locally from your home, Offerup is an app designed to help you do that. Craiglist is very similar to OfferUp as well. 

Selling on OfferUp vs Craiglist:

OfferUp vs Craiglist

Let’s talk about the biggest difference that there is when it comes to selling on OfferUp. If you decide to sell on Craiglist is that you don’t need to mention your information publicly. 

The payments for the items usually get conducted through the dedicated messenger. Moreover, the process is astonishingly fast. However, when it comes to selling on Craiglist, you will be able to exclude personal information from your add too. 

Due to this factor, the buyer will be simply replying to the ads only. This process is done anonymously through email. However, this system is a little outdated considering the advancements that we see today. If you list your phone number, you are likely to be able to sell a lot faster. 

Now, if you want to avoid Telemarketing calls from listing a phone number in a Craiglist ad, here is an idea. Many people mention their numbers as words instead of mentioning them as a number. This way, you will be able to stop the bots from collecting your number. 

Having said that, if you mention your number, you are most likely to get spam calls occasionally. If you mention your number, there is no workaround to this problem. 

TruYou Verification:

This platform verifies the profile of a user on their platform through their driver’s license and phone number. Moreover, you will also be able to sign up Through Facebook. 

The verification process does not take very long. In most cases, the verification process is likely to be completed on the very same day. Once your profile gets verified, the app starts displaying a Badge on your profile.

This badge represents the message that a person’s online profile has been verified. However, Verification is not necessary. Having said that, we encourage our readers to keep a verified profile. This way, you will be able to skim down the chances of scams and you can deal with people that work authentically only. 

Don’t Get the Low Ball Offers Get to You! 

This factor is similar to what we see on Craigslist. There are going to be a lot of people on this app that is going to offer you to pay very low prices for your items. 

Now, as soon as you make a counteroffer, it is likely that all of the low ball offers are going to get deteriorated. But, there are people as well on these platforms that are going to be offering the exact prices that you want for your services. 

Especially if you live in a crowded area, you are likely to receive many applications. While you might receive a fair share of lowball offers, you are also likely to be able to sell a lot quicker. 

Posting Ads on Both Services:

When it comes to creating ads on Either of the apps, you will find that the process is very simple. Moreover, you will also figure out that creating an ad for selling is going to be very fast as well. 

On a general estimate, it is going to only take a minute to create an ad on OfferUp! All you have to do is simply take a picture of the items that you are interested in selling. Once you have the pictures, you have to upload them to the app. 

Once you have done that, add a small description that describes the item you are selling the best! 

However, if you are selling on Craigslist, it is likely that the whole process is going to take a lot longer as compared to selling on OfferUp.

Moreover, when you sell on OfferUp, you can repeatedly post items without the fear of being removed or flagged. 

As soon as someone gives you an offer for your ads, you are going to hear a “Cha-ching” sound effect. This sound effect is usually connected with Cash Register. Sounds Exciting! 


Hopefully, this article is enough to help you differentiate between the two of them. Happy selling! 


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