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NTips to Help Prevent Termite Infestation

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Often unknown and unnoticed until it is very late, termites are common in Melbourne. They are known to wreak havoc on different properties every year. Termites’ presence increase with their search for food. Since they are highly destructive, your first step should be to protect your house from expensive damages with termite prevent. Fortunately, there are a few preventative measures that you can take to keep the termites away from reaching and infesting your house:

  • Get annual or regular termite inspections done by highly qualified and certified pest control Melbourne experts.
  • Use preventative treatments, like bait or monitoring systems, to alert you of active termites.
  • Work with termite control Melbourne professionals to address any related circumstances that may draw termites in your area, like excess moisture or leaky plumbing.

Avoid storing unused firewood and timbers

Undoubtedly, many termite infestations are caused by individuals storing firewood and timbers on the sides of their houses. They are not only stored on the ground directly but generally up against the home and cover the weep holes. Firewood that is stored under the property also can result in many issues. Be careful while storing them and ensure to keep stores firewood and timbers away from the edges of the walls. This will help you identify if the termites try to enter the house by seeing the mud tracks.

Avoid Mulch

Mulch is another common cause behind termite infestation. Homeowners generally don’t give much thought to the kinds of mulch they utilize. Mostly, they go to a landscaping supply yard and get a box trailer of mulch and spread it in the yard. But you should use termite-resistant mulch only. Ensure to ask the kind of mulch you are getting while working with a local landscape supplier.

Keep the Weep Holes Clear

It is another common cause for termites getting in your property. There should be sufficient distance between the bottom of every weep hole and the ground to see any sign of termites visually. Also, ensure to not use sealants to block weep holes. Don’t lay concrete or pavers that cover or obstruct your weep holes.

Prevent Water Leaks and Moisture

Without a doubt, moisture is the main reason for termites entering your house and causing damages. Leaking taps, toilets, and showerheads are other major causes. Ensure to get them fixed promptly to prevent the possibility of termite infestations. Another cause behind moisture and dampness is water heater and AC units overflow pipes. Mostly, the drainage or overflow pipe outlet are positioned against the property’s side. This lead to water collecting at the edges of the walls. This, again, attracts termites. To avoid this, you can direct the water far from the house or install a drain.


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