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Noom 50, versatile chair for all kinds of environments

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Noom 50 is the new Actiu chair, a chair that has a versatile design designed to function as a link between the workspaces and hospitality, being able to be part of any environment thanks to its many different versions and finishes it offers. If we focus on the home, it can be part of the living room, the work area or the play area.

It has a fluid and transversal design, offering many possibilities for customization. This increases the usage options. Specifically, Noom 50 is offered in three finishes: plastic monoblock shell, with the seat upholstered and fully upholstered. Three versions adapt to each of the spaces and functions required.

The lightweight, stackable

Easy-to-clean integral plastic version is shaping up to be the ideal chair for office areas in the kitchen. Its comfort allows you to spend a long time in it without the body suffering.

At home, those same characteristics make it the perfect companion for play areas or youth bedrooms: lightweight, it stacks easily – freeing up space when it is no longer in use – it is resistant-proof of all kinds of uses- and cleans very easily.

Its versatility also translates into a wide range of arms and legs that include wooden structures and also a swivel base. In its upholstered version, it becomes an elegant confidante chair for workspaces. Hospitality and home office environments or for larger tables such as the dining room. When working or studying from home, Noom 50 offers a practical, aesthetic and, above all, comfortable solution.

Noom 50 enriches the Noom collection

Awarded with a “Bronze in Office Equipment” European Product Design Award which. Based on a friendly and extremely adaptable aesthetic. Is capable of providing a complementary and ergonomic solution for each space and every moment of the day.

Noom 50 connects with the philosophy of Actiu to humanize spaces with pieces of furniture that favor concentration. Communication and the exchange of ideas, always focusing on people and their well-being. The entire Noom program is made of low-density polyurethane that ensures your comfort for long periods of time.


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