No pain, no gain, no pain, no reason

You must be feeling pain in your post or is it a waste of time and money; or If you don't feel pain, you don't need massage.

Throughout my years as a practicing bodybuilder, I have continually come across some interesting ideas about bodywork. You must be feeling pain in your post or is it a waste of time and money; or If you don’t feel pain, you don’t need massage. From my point of view, both are serious misunderstandings about the bodywork, at least in my world. Let me explain.

First of all, I’m more into stress reduction than bodywork or massage, and I firmly believe that much of the pain people experience is not the direct result of pain. ‘an obvious injury is the result of stress. Then the stress-induced pain creates more stress and so on until it becomes a vicious cycle. Let’s say you make an appointment with me because you have terrible pain around your shoulder blade (scapula) and you want deep tissue because you always get a deep tissue. Massage Center near Tecom

Perhaps your former therapists taught you that this is the only way to mend knots and tighten your muscles; Or, over time, your body has become so numb after so many years of pain and deep tissue that you are convinced that nothing else is as effective. You tell me it hurts for a few days after a Deep Tissue session, but then the pain doesn’t come back for a few weeks or more. Rather than obeying and giving you a session of deep hitting, gnashing and screaming, I’m going to ask you a few questions first.

What kind of work are you doing?

What kind of work are you doing? Play sports? Yes? How many times? Do you drive a lot? What kind of chair do you sit in when watching TV or reading? What is going on in your life etc. In each case, after literally thousands of bodies under my hands, I will find that you are probably spending hours and hours in front of your computer, or you are traveling three hours a day, or you are going through a family crisis, or you are sleeping on your bed. stomach, or now you’re doing two-person work and so on.

Once you determine the probable cause of your discomfort, you will begin to work on relieving and hopefully eliminating your pain completely. If I complete your deep tissue job application without asking these questions and give you a typical deep tissue massage, it is very possible that it increases your stress and only relieves your pain before the massage for a short time without explaining WHY you have this issue. I have convinced some very pushy clients that they need Deep Tissue because it’s the ONLY thing that has helped me before, that my gentle Deep Tissue approach is actually more effective and more sustainable.

To illustrate my point

To illustrate my point, I worked in a luxurious 5-star spa where a lot of famous and wealthy people still go, and the required massage was and still is Deep Tissue. We have done a lot of couples massages where, along with another therapist, I massaged a couple in the same room at the same time. Apparently, some couples just can’t stand being apart for even an hour. However, being someone who believes in warming up and preparing the muscles for deeper work, I was always surprised when some of my associates immediately dove into the guest’s back with their elbows and hugged.

started a literal torture session. At the end of the session, your client would get up, visibly relieved that the session was over, saying he was still hurting “but in a good way”, while mine practically floated out of the room in a haze of happiness.  amazed. that their pain was gone and how incredibly relaxed they felt. While both guests paid the same amount and had the same session length, I like to think that the one who floated got more of their big money than the one who was relieved that the session was over.


Plus, suppose I throw everything I know and believe out the proverbial window and accept your painful request for Deep Tissue and bring you temporary relief (although your stress levels have undoubtedly increased) What about the original cause of your pain? If left untreated, it will trigger a cycle of pain, deep tissue, pain, deep tissue.

Digging and tearing tense

Digging and tearing tense sore muscles can certainly affect and provide temporary relief to the immediate situation in a to some extent, but I wouldn’t. positive and lasting way. Muscle aches are basically caused by abuse and overuse, but for those who say, “I wasn’t doing anything and it just started to hurt,” let me explain the process briefly and simply.

When a muscle contracts (flexes) it creates waste products (blood, lymph and wasted nutrients), and when it relaxes, these wastes are removed to be replaced with new blood, lymph and nutrients. When muscles contract for long periods of time without relaxing, there is a buildup of waste. Over long periods of time, this waste that could not get out of the muscle turns into congestion, or more commonly known as “knots”.

These knots and the resulting pain eventually cause other muscles to work harder as your body changes to adjust to the pain, creating even more knots and congestion. Sitting at a computer for long periods of time without resting or changing position is a common cause of pain in the shoulder region. This is a very simplistic explanation, but hopefully, it will give you a better understanding of how muscle pain can start.

Now, dispel the misconception

Now, dispel the misconception that you don’t need a massage because you don’t have any pain. I have massaged people who are in great pain but do not have obvious physical signs such as knots or very tight muscles;

Going back to the circular concept of pain causing stress and pain causing stress, I propose that those who do not have obvious pain but have obvious physical characteristics of muscle stress will end up having pain or injury. 

Not only that, but the tight and congested muscles that need to function properly in this state are prone to injury and also contribute to general stress on the body. It’s like asking your car to run on dirty oil for years and years. It will work, but not as long as it should and when it finally breaks down it will most likely require major repairs rather than a simple inexpensive oil change.

There are so many reasons to do regular body work

There are so many reasons to do regular body work, from general well-being, from increasing blood and lymph circulation to reducing stress and everything in between. One of the reasons for not getting a massage is not a lack of pain.

Going back to the car analogy, we spend thousands and thousands of dollars on a new car, have regular maintenance, wash / wax it, rotate the tires, etc. If we don’t, we’ll end up buying another car long before we plan. Think of your body in terms of a car and massage yourself as your regular maintenance.

 We all want to live long, healthy and prosperous lives and we really don’t have the option of buying a new body when the one given to us gives up too soon. Take care of yourself, love yourself, and think about your whole body instead of focusing on that little painful spot and its immediate relief. Indian Massage in Tecom

Rather than seeing regular massage as a luxury, you can’t afford it, perhaps considering the concept that it’s a must-have. By receiving regular sessions, you will find that you are more productive, have more energy, feel healthier, and in some cases, that you are more patient and caring with those around you. Without pain there is no gain? No pain, no reason? In short: no. Read More

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