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Neon Sign V/S LED Sign?

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With flexible LED signs, neon signs are becoming more and more popular. But, Is it better for a business to have an LED light that looks like a neon sign than a real neon sign made of glass? Which are the main differences between faux neon signs and vintage-style glass tubes signs? If they are compared favorably, what is the best option for applications such as indoor wall art, etc.

A brightly colored and well-lit sign outside your business is the best way to attract customers and attract attention.

Let’s take a look at some main differences between neon glass signs and the familiar vintage signs that use LEDs instead of glass neon replicas.

What is the Difference Between Neon Lights and LED lights?

Each type of sign has several notable differences, but both have benefits to offer.


LED Neon Lights are cheaper than glass neon lights and easier to replace light tubes. The maintenance and repair cost of traditional glass neon makes it costly.


Flexible, high-quality, flame-retardant PVC is use for LED neon lights. Although glass neon lights are fragile, they are easily broken.

Energy efficiency:

The input voltage of  conventional neon lights is 3KV18KV. This creates higher energy costs and greater safety concerns.

LED Neon Lights are safe, cost-efficient. It takes low power usage with an input voltage of 24V/120V.


LED Neon Signs don’t get hot and there is no glass break because it works on less voltage. Glass lights are risky for homes with children due to breakages.

Easy to install:

The easiest way to decorate your home and office- LEO Neon Lights. No electrician is need, there are mounting holes and bolts. Just hang them on the wall.

And for the traditional glass neon lights, an electrician is need because of their weight, fragility, and power requirement.

Lightweight & Portable:

LED Neon Lights are easy to install and have less weight. You can easily transfer lights from room to room. Whereas, glass tubes are very heavy and more suitable for outdoor installation. From where you won’t move the sign.


LED Neon Lights have 4 times more of what Glass Neon Lights.

The above-mentioned are some advantages and disadvantages of both LED Neon and glass neon Signs.


The first thing to consider is what is your goal? Next, ask yourself if there are any restrictions or reasons that would exclude the option you choose from the list.

Which is preferable for business signage?

It all depends on the size and location of the logo you want to install and what you want to achieve.

  • Appealing and Aesthetics: Neon itself is good at getting attention. Vintage-style neon is consider to have a significant advantage over LED flex in terms of looks, which, given its cult following, probably applies to some types of shops. However, the bright, clean and modern appearance of artificial neon LED signs are becoming very popular and quickly surpassing their classic competitors.
  • Overall Cost and energy saving: In the long run, LED is almost always the most cost-effective choice, when you take into account the professional installation requirements, maintenance requirements, and replacement requirements. LED signs here are the obvious choice, as they use 10x less energy than the same sign made of glass neon tubes. 
  • Space: For small cafés or stores, lightweight LED will be preferred. Those are thinner than glass neon signs and can easily be shifted from place to place.

Which is preferable for Indoor or home?

People usually do not put glass neon lights at home. Those lights are perfect for bars and for any space from where you won’t change it. NO one will prefer to put a Glass neon sign inside the home. Those are easily breakable and get warm. LED Neon Lights are free from mercury and also don’t get that warm in comparison to Glass Neon Sign. Also, they are easy to install.

Which one is user-friendly?

Neon lights are perfect for all special occasions. Traditional glass lights are heavy and not portable. On the other hand, LED Neon Signs are light and easy to install. You can decorate your venue with that and bring it back home. Glass lights are costly and not energy efficient.


It is your personal choice, to choose LED lights or Traditional glass lights for your business or your home. Also, you should consider the main advantages of both before making your decision, but ultimately, your decision should be based on your judgment. If you purchase a sign, and you’re not even enticed by it, then it’s probably not going to offer your customers anything either. It’s probably best to shop based on what you think is the most appealing from an aesthetic point of view, rather than based on cost or efficiency.


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