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NeoBlu & Sol’s: Where to find the best office wear

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Distinct becomes more of a challenge in the business world every day. Today the public is subjected to an insane amount of information. Something really important for companies that want to be successful, grow and, in general, be relevant is the corporate image, as well as the values ​​that are communicated externally as a company. Another key thing is to create a sense of belonging to the company through your employees. That is why many companies decide to create their own workwear, uniforms or, in general, corporate clothing.

A leader in Europe that has provided many companies with a wide range of clothing options for their employees over the past 30 years is the well-known Sol’s brand . Born in Paris in 1991, founded by Alain Migrom, with the aim of allowing all brands and companies to express themselves through their clothing and accessories. Sol’s is part of a larger group called the SOLO Group, which over the years has been able to expand and incorporate new brands into its offering. We at 84 Degrees East welcomed one of these new brands not long ago: NEOBLUE. This brand comes to offer class, elegance and quality to incorporate into your workplace. Inspired by the Parisian style, your staff will love it and will want to wear it even after working hours.

If you already know Sol’s , this is a great opportunity to update your company’s image. Discover our NEOBLUE selection that will surely surprise you.

Outerwear: The Trench

The trench coat is a garment that never fails for an office look. It is elegant and flawless, and fits perfectly with any garment. With sweatpants and any shirt color, it’s perfect. With shoes or joggers. We have a beige option for her, which also looks great with a pencil skirt or dress, and a navy blue for him. Both have a front zip and button placket to protect you from the cold, and two pockets. Buy yours now!

Get the office look

What would an office look like without a blazer! It is a must for any wardrobe. Whether you combine it with a t-shirt or a sweatshirt it always looks professional and effortless. For him we recommend this navy blue suit consisting of trousers  (with elasticated waist for comfort) and a blazer. Keep it simple by adding this white shirt in 100% cotton mercerized jersey. You will notice that it is even more comfortable than your regular shirts and so soft! You can put the finishing touches on this look with this tie and you are good to go. For her, we suggest a sporty office look consisting of a blue sweatshirt paired with a piqué blazer, which gives an incredible feeling of sportiness and comfort. These two, a pair of jeans and your oxford shoes or even joggers and you have a perfect but comfortable office outfit.

To keep you warm! Windbreakers and vests

Of course, we are exposed to different climatic conditions throughout the year. We still have to go to the office and sometimes we want to stay warm on our way to work or during the break. That’s why we are also counting on this lightweight jacket , also available for her . It will protect you from cold temperatures, but it is also water repellent to make sure it gives you the best protection.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more relaxed style, Sol’s is more suitable, come and take a look at our selection too. For example we suggest this awesome Sol’s bomber jacket in black paired with a white 100% organic cotton tee , black jeans and sneakers.

Now you have the inspiration you needed for your formal and elegant business wear. It will give class to your office or any other workplace that will allow your employees to always be at the top, as if they were working in a hotel, or maybe a luxury store! Go visit on 84degreeseast.co.uk


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