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Need to Know the Difference between Single Steer Tyre and Double Steers Tires

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Single Steer Tires

Super single steer Tyre is unidirectional with all force. Its tread patterns are in the same direction with a good grip, so it is suitable for cars that often run at high speed. If there is no abnormal tire wear, you only need to switch back and forth on the same side. If one-sided tire wear occurs or the tire has run more than 10,000 kilometers, the tire needs to be switched from left to right. The sidewall of super single steer tires is marked with an arrow and a “Rotation” sign. The direction indicated by the arrow is the rolling direction of the tire. You can use this arrow to tell if the tire is reversed. If the front and rear tires are installed upside down, the tires will shake and wear easily when the vehicle is running. Visit here to know more about suzuki swift price in pakistan.

When installing a single steer tire, the combination of tire and hub should also be considered. Install the tire on the wheel hub according to the specific position of the vehicle and the direction indicated by the arrow on the tire side. Remember to install it correctly. Generally speaking, under the same brand and grade, single steer tires are several dollars cheaper than double steer tyre.

Double Steers Tyre

Double steers tire is bidirectional with great double-directional force. Its advantages are high stability and safety, etc. Compared with the single steer tire, the double steers tire does not need to be installed according to the arrow without worrying about whether it is installed upside down. Although it is more expensive than the single steer tire, it is more practical and safer. However, the second set of guide wheels of double steers tires wears out more easily. The wear will be more serious.

Snow Tires Different From Winter Tyre?

Winter tire are specifically designed to provide traction in deeper snow and in sub-zero temperatures. Mud and snow tires will perform just fine in lighter snow. If you regularly drive in snowy conditions at temperatures lower than 7°C. You’re better off with a set of good winter tyre. In other words, if you wouldn’t feel comfortable choosing an all-season tire in the winter. Mud and snow tires are probably not the best choice for your vehicle


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