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Necessities, Requirements, and Standards for Toy Packaging

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Kids’ playtime is a source of pleasure and those cherishable moments should only last for long if they are properly packed in a box. Toy packaging should be done by keeping in mind certain standards and requirements because the end-user of the toy is a child who will play with the toy without knowing about the harms associated with it. Companies are now following rules and standards to ensure safety measures and custom toy boxes do packaging in a way that keeps the product safe from hazards.

At Packaging Sea, we do the packaging of toy retail boxes wholesale with child-resistant packaging and proper labeling. We manufacture the toy boxes according to the age bracket of kids. For kids under the age of 12, our boxing criteria are different and do the product marking that is permanent, visible, and clear. We include proper information over the packaging of toy boxes and add additional information that includes location and date of production of toy, manufacturer name, and date, private label name, thorough info about the manufacturing process, batch number, and whereabouts of specific tools of the product. 

Packaging of Toy Boxes

Every company has its requirements about the size, shape and designing of toy boxes. But every company’s core forte is to pay close attention to the quality manufacturing and packaging of toy boxes. Packaging of toy boxes is chiefly important because it is the box of the toy that acts as an armor to the toy and keeps it safe from external harms and deficits. While doing the toy packaging we align our designing, printing and packaging with custom toy boxes to ensure that the packaging best compliments the toy placed inside. 

We make sure that the packaging material for toys is fully customized and compatible enough with the desired shape and size of the toy. We also pay proper heed to the age bracket of kids for whom the toy box is being manufactured. We have different packaging criteria for kids of different age groups. For example, for kids below the age of 3 we do not pack their toys in plastic covers that can be easily discarded. We only use plastic where it is necessary, that is to showcase the toy and provide shielding support to the toy. Besides this, our secondary focus is to do the packaging in the most effective and supportive way so that the toys stay safe during transportation and shipment.

We create engaging and enticing toy packaging with elaborative designs of the toy placed inside. We make the toy box look visually appealing by adding marketing slogans and taglines and make it stand out in the toy shelf that will appeal to parents and kids simultaneously. A good packaging extends the value of the custom boxes with logo and we enhance the toy box by adding enticing images, cartoons over the toy box that clicks and connects with kids instantly. 


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