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NBA 2K22 Seasons News – All You Need To Know About The Seasons In NBA 2K22

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One of the NBA2K22 feature, known asseasons is back in business. seasons were introduced this past year in MyTeam. there was a new seasoneverymonth in 2K21MyTeam, maybe every two months.itoffereda total of eight seasons thisyear,potentially nine.what it offeredweresimply rewardsfor playing the game.thiswould have been moreimpactfulthis past year in MyTeam, ifthe gameplay wasgood, but nevertheless it still offeredrewards to peoplethatgrindedand played thegame. in 2K22, there was a blog postthat came out,talking about seasonsand how it’savailable not only for MyTeam this year, but also MyCareer.this is a game changer for amultitude of different reasons.

Battle Pass Seasons Are Coming To NBA 2K22

This news is from the official blogpost NBA2K’s website,seasons aregoing to befree for all 2K22 gamersin MyTeam and MyCareer. it will be available for MyTeam, MyCareer, and WNBA. it’ll also bring more content, rewards that more than just NBA 2K22 MT Coins,and more ways to play.this year seasons will introduce anall new way to level up your MyPlayer toearn exciting MyPlayer prizesin the city.moredetails will be revealed aboutexpanding, seasons,experiencelater.

What we haveso faris that this feature will be availablein those three modes,it will offer you rewards,you potentially can level up your player.it doesn’t say if you will beable to rep up though, it mightbeoverallor attribute upgrades on your playerfor doing certain things throughout theseasons.anotherproisit will be a constantly evolvingtype of mode whereeach seasonmight bring a potential game breakingjump shot. maybe agreat dribbling animation, it will bean expansive mode,because seasonswill bring new content to the MyCareer mode specificallyfor the whole yearthat’s what MyTeam got in NBA 2K21there’s still content in MyTeam to this daywe might even see differentthis ispretty far-fetched, but theremight even bein a later season some type of new build,hopefully you don’t have to spend fiftydollars tocreate the build, but who knows, maybethere’s a different pie chartcurrent gen, or there’s adifferent type of build that you cancreate in next gen. these are all potential thing that can come later oninthe sixthseasontowardsspringtime.it willgive people new content tofoolaround with.

The next thing thatisgoing to make or break this wholeimplementation this wholeexecution of seasons in MyCareer is if the fact it is pay to win. let’sassumethat the seasons are similar to MyTeam, you start off with level one,go up to level 40,it’s free for all 2K22 gamersin MyTeam and MyCareer. in the battle pass,everything is typically free in othergames as well.but to reap the benefits, you mighthave to payten dollars for the season, in order togetthe better portions of the rewards. let’s assume thatall of them are cosmetics,itdoesn’t pay to winat all. if it’scosmeticsfor MyCareer’ssake, it’s not going to be a pay-to-winscenario.

There are certain rewardsthat’llgive you the one up onthe competitionexclusively available through the battlepass, andyouhave to pay the10dollar worth of coins in order to get all of therewards from level 1through 40.there’s a certaindribbling animationonly available in this seasonbattle pass for MyCareer. let’s say there isa certain jump shot that is onlyavailable if you spend the ten dollarsfor that specific season to getall of the rewards. there’s a lot ofsituations wherepeople aregoing togive 2K the middle finger if thatis the case scenario. given the 2K track record, this is somethingthat they might do, if not this year later onin the coming two case. the realistic scenario is that if 2K decided to implement apay to wintype of season battle passimplementation,because they didn’t do it in 2K21withthe seasonscenario for MyTeam.

MyTeam isthe the cash cowof NBA 2K Coinsto speak,if 2K wanted to take advantage of anybody, itwould be the MyTeam communitythey didn’thave pay to winseasons it’swe’reprobably not going to have thatsituation that idiscussedcoming to MyCareer especially sinceseasons are going tobe the first implementation for the MyCareer game mode, MyCareer hasnever seen this before,the realistic situation is that weget a level 1 through 40onthe season battle pass for MyCareer every month, it isn’tpay to win,you can’t skip tiers with NBA 2K22 MT PC VC, youjust simply have to play thegame to get from level 1to level 40.this is the first time MyCareer is going to see aseason battle pass type ofimplementation. 2K will be in completedisarray,if people are able to skip tiers,maybe have tospend money to even get the premiumversion of the battle pass in the firstplace.



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