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NBA 2K22 MyTeam Top 6 Tips & Tricks For Beginners

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Here are some pro tips to help maximize your experience and MT Coins NBA 2K22 and whether you stay on 2K21 or you become more active on 2K22, these tips will definitely help your game play out there.

  • You must learn your jump shot

This is definitely a general tip for a lot of players out there and sometimes it’s players that are at fault for not taking the time or investing the time to learn their jump shot, but oftentimes is 2K messing with sliders or changing up jump shot consistency, so you need to know your jump shot, find out which jump shots are good.

  • Transition defense

Especially off long rebounds and or turnovers you must spread and fill your lane properly, everyone does not need to be in the middle of the court clogging up the lanes, fill the lane based on your starting position and if you’re running with a good point guard, your point guard should know to start in the middle or work his way in the middle and you want to fill that lane according to your starting position and also according to the role that you play on offense. If you’re primarily a shooter then you want to fill that lane and hit the corner shot or fill the lane at the perimeter and if you know your teammates you know your teammate is a good finisher then you want to allow that room for him to fill a finishing lane. So your point guard has options. Remember that you are extensions of your point guard, allow your point guard to properly conduct the offense, creating options for your point guard will only help your team out there.

  • Offense

During half court gameplay, spacing is crucial, you don’t want to stack defenders on your ball handle, you want to maximize your ball handlers options and angles, so spreading the floor helps your point guard tremendously all too often i see players in motion in the half core game and that only limits the angles and the options for your point guard to conduct the offense properly, so spread out and maximize each offensive possession.

  • Build up your defensive awareness

It takes a team effort to win, do not just follow your arrow building up your defensive awareness, you can start by knowing where your teammates are on the court.

  • Never give up the baseline for easy dunk or layup

You want to push the player toward your big man or whatever your help is, so that’s really important. This is how most people have to play help defense on NBA 2K21 because the defense is so irrelevant on 2K 21. You have to play a lot more help defense and this helps build your defensive awareness by knowing where your teammates are on the court and you can gain more NBA 2K22 MT through this. You want to lean the ball handler towards your help, you want to play one side on the ball handler, choose left or right and the way you determine which side to choose is by knowing where your teammates are on defense. If you’re going to play the left, then your teammate is going to be on the right and that’ll lead the ball handler into a trap for easy turnover limit the options for the ball handler out there, force him to make a choice then you start controlling and dictating what the offense is gonna do out there.

  • Switching on defense

If you get beat or screened with no chance of recovery slide over on the screen man or the corner and let your teammate pick up. Remember always allow twos before you allow a 3 point shot switching on defense goes hand in hand with 2K 21. Switching on defense is always been critical and crucial to playing good defense on NBA 2K, switching on defense takes a good amount of time and chemistry to develop with your teammates. Good communication helps with proper rotations on defense and once you master these you can also maximize your NBA 2K22 MyTeam MT.


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