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NBA 2K22 Fast Jumpshot Speed Is Key To Green Shots & How To Shoot Better

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This NBA 2K22 shoot guide is pretty crucial, with jump shot speeds being much faster than they were in 21, we headed over to the jump shot creator to check out the release speeds and their respective green windows, needless to say very fast shots are back on the menu this year.

NBA 2K22 Fast Jumpshot Speed Is Key To Green Shots

Lower/base: DKobe Bryant

Upper release 1: DKobe Bryant

Upper release 2: DKobe Bryant

Release speed: Quick 

Animation blending (release 1): 100% 

Animation blending (release 2): 0%

For starters, this test was done on current and next gen and we tested every single green window for each release speed for the same jumper while the only variable that changed was the shot speed. Bow everyone who’s played 2K knows that faster shot speeds gives a huge advantage, On the virtual core and even in real life.

But being able to get shots up quicker especially with the defender closing out will undoubtedly increase your chances of a make. Now even just a difference of 20 milliseconds can be the difference between an open shot or a lightly contested. One defenders won’t be able to contest this quickly which will give you more open shots and lower percentage contest.

Looking at the chart you can see the very quick option speeds up your shot by about 30 to 35 milliseconds over the quick option. Now this is a huge deal when every millisecond counts. And one thing to note is that if you do end up picking the very quick option, max speed your green window will shrink by about five milliseconds. But with how easy shooting is this year and how big the green windows are, it really shouldn’t be a big deal at all.

The slower shots like normal slow and very slow don’t provide any benefit unlike in current gen 21 where slower shot speeds actually gave a higher make percentage on average and wwe 2k22, while the very quick option saw nearly a 25 decrease in makes from the normal speeds. 

Now if you’re a player that just tends to spot up, we still recommend very quick but you can make an argument for quick. If you only shoot when you’re wide open, if your player doesn’t unlock the very quick option, then using quick is the next best thing. Now the results for current and next gen were pretty much identical. So this information goes for both gens.


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