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The largest telescope in the world

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Astronomical discoveries would not be possible if scientists have not used telescopes for hundreds of years. The first of them were created in the seventeenth century in the Netherlands and so far are constantly modernized and enriched with innovative technologies. Now, in Chile, the largest telescope in the world is to be erected in the attack of the attack. It is an extremely large European telescope, which is to be located at an altitude of about 3000 m above sea level. Note that there are more and more astronomy lovers, because it is actually entertainment much more interesting than computer games, or some online gambling machines for money bonus to start. All the more the breakthrough in the history of observation of the sky, the structure attracts the attention of more and more people. And it will actually impress because it is so big that it will fit in the half of the football stadium. Initially, putting it into use is scheduled for 2024, but Coronavirus pandemic thwarted these plans. Consequently, the giant telescope is to be launched in November 2026.

The telescope is building a European astronomical organization

The European South Observatory is responsible for the design of this huge telescope. This is currently the most important intergovernmental astronomical organization in the Old Continent. Record size telescope (ELT), which will have 40 m is a high -class terrestrial device. It is an optical telescope with a close and medium infrared function, and specifically it is to stand in the northern region of Chile on the mountain called Cerro Armazones. It is mainly to be used for scientists to look for planets, which size would have similar to the earth and in which life may exist. He took its name extremely large telescope from the fact that it would be the largest telescope that has ever been constructed and built in history.

Scientists will look more closely at the planets

The device will be record -breaking not only in terms of light that accumulates. The telescope will also be unmatched when it comes to the sharpness of images. All thanks to the possibility of compensating for the impact of atmospheric disorders, which unfortunately affect the sharpness of images. So you will be able to avoid such deficits. It is thanks to this that scientists will be able to look at the black holes, planets and of course still a mysterious dark matter. This will guarantee, among others, observation in close infrared.

39 m wide mirror

A hundred European astronomers have been working on this innovative project for 10 years. One of the parameters that make a huge impression is certainly the width of the mirror -39 m. The cost of the entire investment is also considerable, because it is as much as EUR 1.3 billion. There is also a certain Polish accent in the whole project. Well, engineers from Sener Polska will be responsible for designing and building very important components for two telescope mirrors. In total, the device will have 5. in Poland, devices are to be created that will be used to install the mirror with the positioning mechanism. In addition, our specialists will be responsible for building components used in transporting mirrors between Europe and South America.

Breakthrough astronomical discoveries

Scientific instruments such as telescopes have contributed in the history of space discoveries indeed to significant achievements. It was thanks to them that it was possible to discover astrophysical phenomena occurring in our system, but also to look into the farthest corners of the space. Certainly, the popularization of cosmic discoveries is of great importance in the development of astronomy and collecting subsidies for such projects. People have always fascinated the discovery of what is invisible and mysterious.


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