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Mylar Pouch Packaging Guide by Brandmydispo

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Your custom design printe directly on the high-quality Mylar bag

We are extremely pleased to provide you with our mylar pouch bags service. The pound press has worked very hard to provide an advantage that requires so few minimum runs! The Pound Press can start your enterprise so you can order 500 bags at once! Custom Printed Mylar Bags are a truly professional step when it comes to taking your brand to the next level.

Flexible packaging and how it uses

A customer often sees a zip-lock pouch, vacuum pouch, or stand-up pouch with a ziplock in a grocery store. 

Let’s go back a bit and understand the packaging first.

There are different types of packaging: paper packaging, plastic box, rigid packaging, foil-sealed bag, polybag, flexible packaging, chipboard packaging, among others.

This blog will explain what flexible packaging is, we will briefly talk about Mylar bags and why flexible packaging is increasing tremendously nowadays.

What is flexible packaging?

As mentioned earlier, flexible packaging is any lightweight bag that use to pack food items like bread and chips or to pack pet food.

These lightweight bags seal using pressure or heat and the packaging attractive print so that the end consumer makes a quick decision to buy the final product.

Flexible packaging also provides consumers with a packaging solution. Everyone comes across a zip-lock pouch at a grocery store. A consumer can buy these pouches to make his lunch work.

As the name implies, flexible packaging definitely meets the different needs of a customer.

Flexible packaging uses light materials such as sealed pouches, plastic, and polypropylene. These materials can easily bend and put together to save space.

Mylar bag

The bags use to store food and grain, avoiding oxygen, moisture, and light. These bags design to withstand high tensile strength and keep food shelf life intact. Mylar is a trademark, held by Dupont.

Mylar bag printing is made when a film of molten polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is pressed out into a chill roll which is extinguished in a formless state and then bipolar by PET drawing.

How Can You Print Your Own Mylar Bag?

Mylar bag printing is very affordable and easy. Companies prefer custom-printed Mylar bags to attract the attention of their customers.

The package design print differently using three different printing processes: paleography, silkscreen printing, and rotogravure. New technology is now enabling customers to start printing their own Mylar bags.

Mylar was originally made as BOPET (two-way polyethylene terephthalate) BOPET bags are polyester films with barrier properties that include gas and chemical stability, moisture resistance, and electrical insulation.

Arrowjet uses a water-based pigment ink, which allows such materials to be more secure food packaging than other methods of printing.

This is especially important when packaging food items. Although the inks used in this printer are non-toxic. It is always best to keep as little contact as possible with the interior of the material.

After printing, the miller needs to send to a form flex and sealing machine that folds the material and seals it to give it its bag shape.

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