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Must to know information on School Fee Structure & Admission process in Bangalore Schools

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Bangalore has some of the best international schools in the country, and these schools take great pride in promoting practical ways of teaching, cultural diversity and background, and personality development. These are some key aspects to achieve overall success for a student, and they also help them in later stages of career and life. However, it is necessary to consider the school fees in Bangalore and the admission process required to get into one of the top schools. In this article, we will figure them out. 

Fee Structure of Schools in Bangalore 

The main components of school fees in Bangalore are as follows: 

  • Admission Fee- This is required only for new applicants, and it is a one-time fee for any student. The admission fee is not recurring every year in the total annual fee, so it applies only when a student is changing schools or starts schooling for the first time.
  • Security Deposit- This again is only for new admissions, and schools take this as a one-time payment to confirm the seat of any child. The amount is refunded when the student decides to leave the school, given he/she cleared all past dues. 
  • Annual/Term Charges- Schools follow different formats to increase flexibility and ease for parents, and one of them is per-term payment. It is up to the school to decide how they will divide the terms, but in most cases, it is four terms, and each term has a duration of 3 months. 
  • Tuition Fee- This is the most basic component of any school fee structure. Tuition fees amount to almost 30-50% of the annual school charges, and it is charged for tutoring the student. 

This is the basic fee structure of any school, but it is important to note that there will be additional expenses such as transport fees, lab and activity charges, and other miscellaneous costs. 

Admission Process 

Most schools follow a general system for application registration and reviewing processes. Admissions in some of the top schools require parents to complete the registration process the previous year in the months of August to November. In the early months of next year, they start to review and select applicants for different grades. To give parents a better understanding of the admission process, schools tend to offer some of the following facilities: 

Admission Counselling: Experienced counselors help parents understand the school’s curriculum’s ins and outs and clearly highlight the steps involved in getting a placement. 

School Tour: Looking at the Infrastructure and facilities is essential because they are some critical elements in students’ learning process. Every school invites parents to take a tour of their campus and help students see the improved facilities. Parents can book a tour and understand the diversity and international backgrounds of the school’s community. 


Almost all schools follow certain criteria for school admission in Bangalore wherein students must qualify that to get a seat in that reputed school. Their fee structure might also vary based on facilities & infrastructure they would provide. So it would be better to visit the school’s official website and go through their admission process, and if possible also try for a campus tour. 


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