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MSME registration of FSSAI

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FSSAI License

For all the food business owners, apart from small-scale businesses or MSME businesses, an FSSAI license is mandatory. While for small companies, only the business registration would be enough with FSSAI.

FSSAI license could be classified into two categories: state FSSAI license and central FSSAI license or FSSAI license for import, which depend on the size of the MSME business or the revenue generated by the business.

FSSAI license or registration is based on the MSME business premises and volume. Depending on the installed capacity, turnover, or location, applicant premises makes the business eligible for the registration or license such as state license, central license, railway, etc. the registration team at J&P is well-versed with the procedure and the requirements and could take care of the registration from the start till end.

Primarily large scale business authorities, including manufacturers, exporters, importers deals in large scale food businesses need to have FSSAI registration from central government and FBO with the small to medium scale production units, marketers, traders, transporters, etc., one to apply for FSSAI registration from the state government.

For whom it is necessary to grab FSSAI licenses in India

As per the FSSAI rules and regulations, there are specific eligibility criteria to obtain the FSSAI registration and license separately. Industries, when you need to have the FSSAI license or registration would be:

  • Food storage unit
  • Food repackaging or packing units
  • Every type of food manufacturers
  • Food traders
  • Wholesalers of food business
  • Hotel or caters raw food material suppliers
  • Online food business operators
  • Importers and exporters of food products
  • Food product retailers
  • Distributors & transporter

The procedure of getting obtaining FSSAI registration

  1. FSSAI registration or license is initiate by applying to the food and safety department.
  2. If the application were accepted, then the department would grant a registration certificate with the registration number and the owner’s photo.
  3. This application could be accepted, or the department may reject it within the 7 days from the application date, and the fact has to be intimated.
  4. Business owners need to prominently display the registration certificate at the place of business during business hours.

The advantage to get the food license

  1. You could use the FSSAI logo that could build goodwill among the customers.
  2. Creates the customer awareness
  3. Pen down all the science-based principles
  4. The research and development sections are responsible for maintaining the safety
  5. To verify the food safety
  6. Set all the evidence proof studies from drafting policies
  7. New rules are introduced that are compatible with the international organization
  8. There is a massive chance of business expansion

Penalties and non-compliance

For food licensing registration person need to follow all the regulations and rules under the FSS Act, 2006. The food safety officer checks all the criteria. The food safety officer inspects the food business operator’s facility and identifies all the levels of compliance with the regulation using the checklist. Based on the observance level, the food safety officer marks it as:

  • Compliance
  • Partial compliance
  • Non-compliance
  • Not observed


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