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Whether you’re moving abroad to start a new job, study, volunteer, or just for trying out your luck, it is both a traumatic and exhilarating time. However, when it comes to the question: “what’s going to happen to your household items while you’re gone,” things can get intense. Luckily, with a bit of thoughtful planning and careful consideration, you can tame the process.

Let’s admit it: moving all of your prized possessions from your old home to overseas is an entirely different process but equally antagonizing. Plus, unlike usual, an intercontinental move involves masterminding, which can be challenging for migrators. It might even be impossible to move specific items overseas, either due to their quantity or size. 

Not going to lie, but you will need to take some steps to ensure the safety of your valuables and other items that mean something to you. So to help you store your household items successfully while you move overseas, here is a guide that explains all the tips and tricks. 

  1. Consider storage options

Knowing what to bring and what to leave is an integral part of the process. However, once you finalize what items you want to leave behind, think about ways to store them. You could ask your family or friends, but that never really works out in the long haul, especially if you have many items to keep.

In terms of long-term storage options, renting a self-storage unit is a practical solution. It will help you deal with the stress of storing your belongings before you leave the country. Moreover, finding a reliable and safe storage unit provider is not a hassle anymore. By going on a simple searching spree, you can find your possible unit and store your items until the day of “need” arrives. For instance, if you live in Texas city and need a reputable recommendation, storage katy tx has got you covered. It’s the best option for when you want to upsell your move and store your items in varied containers, either big or small.

So if storage units seem feasible, go for it.

  • Keep valuable items with you

Alternatively, the easy-to-carry stuff that is essential – medicine, papers, jewelry – can stay with you in your luggage. Just ensure to pack them all in one bag and don’t let them slip from your sight. 

Furthermore, if you lock your belongings in a portable safe, ensure that the safe is always with you. Containers are also available for moving artwork or other precious items that operate with a key. Others require a remote device to open. Ask your storage provider company if they have anything close to a safe in their offerings.

  • Be smart when stacking and packing

You will want to make the most out of your storage space to avoid paying extra. Therefore, if your storage unit’s square footage is minimum, it will probably be 8’ high. So things can get stacked as long as you remain organized and careful. 

You can disassemble some furniture to save room. Porcelain and glassware can get wrapped with bubble wrap and can fill shoes with crumpled paper. Expensive attires should be hanging up: if your wardrobe is also in self-storage. 

  • Use the suitable storage containers

One of the best tips you can use for storing your items when moving overseas is to get the right equipment for keeping your things. You can store stuff in old boxes and bags, but it is often better to pull a few extra strings and buy appropriate containers made for the job.

Cardboard storage boxes are affordable and suitable for non-perishable items such as stainless steel appliances and plastic toys. On the other hand, plastic boxes with sealable lids are better, more easily stackable, and retain moisture for more durability.

Additionally, a massive range of sizes is available, and some are very robust and come with handles convenience. Some containers can also be bought for mirrors and clothes, and then there are “dish packs” for crockery.

  • Keep climate control in mind

Indeed, the climate can be harsh to stored items. Fluctuating cold and hot conditions can potentially damage fragile items, while humidity can cause mold and rust. You don’t want to come back to this if you only plan to move overseas for a limited amount of time.

So to ensure your items are safe and away from the effects of climate change, ask your storage provider about the methods they are using for storage. Confirm if they have humidity and temperature controls to safeguard your items. 

  • Get insurance for contentment

If you utilize self-storage when traveling abroad, it might cause a lot of problems. Luckily, there’s a way to control the stress – having insurance. Most storage facilities insist on it as it keeps them from worrying as well. 

The good news is that you may be a homeowners or renters insurance policy that covers your items in self-storage. So check out the small print. And the firm itself may give you insurance. It may be beneficial as you sign those documents while you sign the contract for renting your property.

Then again, you can acquire specialist insurance from a third-party facility. It can be constructive if you use storage units to store unusual items.

  • Lastly, keep a record of your stored items

If you have ever opted for storage before, you know how easy it is to lose track of those belongings. To prevent forgetting what you put in storage and what you held onto, write down what you place in containers and load it into your storage unit. 

For more convenience, see if your storage provider offers you a detailed inventory sheet for insurance purposes. That way, you can never forget what you have set aside for storage.

Conclusion That concludes our guide on how to store your household items when moving overseas. Just know that however long you plan to stay abroad, using these tips to keep your things before leaving will help put your mind at ease. Also, remember to be careful when storing your belongings, ensure to use the proper packaging material, or, if needed, rent a storage unit. Whatever situation fits best, ensure to go for a fix that keeps your items safe.


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