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How to Transfer Office 365 Mailbox to Another Account? – Automated Solution

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Plot Summary: This article is specially curated for Office 365 users who are searching for an easy alternative of PowerShell inline commands to move Office 365 mailbox to another user. As we will discuss the widely used trusted & error-free software to perform this operation in the most secure way without having any prior technical knowledge.

Let’s start with the user query to understand the user’s issues while performing this operation manually.

User’s Query:

Hello there!

I’m thinking if there’s an alternate to move a specific user’s mailbox to another user account. I want it completely, not just assigning permissions, but make sure that the user gets all the mailbox items at the destination user account. Please suggest to me the best utility to perform this operation in the most secure way.


When we talk about how to migrate Office 365 mailbox to another account that means we want to migrate Office 365 data from source tenant to destination including email, contact calendar, documents & tasks. Therefore, the users need a reliable solution by which they can perform this migration without losing their crucial and sensitive data.

It is true that performing data migration in Office 365 could be a complicated & tedious task for the user as well as the organization. So, the objective of this blog is to guide users on how they can transfer Office 365 data in different scenarios. 

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How to Migrate Office 365 Mailbox to Another Account Safely

Microsoft provides the option to upgrade the subscription plan, but when we talk about how to transfer data between accounts, then there are no direct options available. To perform this task we have to make a proper plan before migrating the data also we need to follow every step carefully.

A Reliable Way to Move Office 365 Mailbox to Another User

Microsoft doesn’t provide any solution to perform any type of data migration in Office 365. Adding to it, there is no simple or direct manual solution available for the same. So, to move Office 365 mailbox to another user, we suggest the most reliable & error free solution i.e. an automated Office 365 Mailbox Migration Tool. This is an error free, tried & tested ultimate solution for users and IT admins to execute complex data migration operations safely.

Moreover, this tool has various modern features such as date filter, priority wise migration, detailed and summary migration reporting, and many more. The most remarkable feature is it keeps the data integrity throughout the whole migration & post migration stages.

Secure Steps to Transfer Office 365 Mailbox to Another User

Step 1. Download and run the software on your system. Then, choose the source and destination as Office 365 from the main screen of this utility.

Step 2. Under the “Workload selection” section, choose the items you need to transfer. Using the date-based filter feature transfer a selected amount of data according to your preference.

Step 3. Connect to the source Office 365 tenant using the Office 365 Admin ID and Application ID. Then, hit the Validate option to transfer Office 365 mailbox to another account.

Step 4. After validating the permissions, click on the Next option.

Step 5. Connect to the source Office 365 account with the target using the Office 365 Admin ID and Application ID. Finally, choose the Validate button.

Step 6. After validating the permission, select the Next option to move Office 365 mailbox to another user.

Step 7. Next, make a connection between the source and the destination account. The software provides you three different options for accomplishing this task such as fetch users, import users, and download the template. Finally, select one of the options and press the next option.

Step 8. Select the Validate option to check that the mapping is correct.

Step 9. The permissions have now been validated.

Step 10. Finally, press the Start button to move Office 365 mailbox to another user.

These are the simple steps that you can use to perform this operation safely with maximum data security and integrity while executing the data transfer operation.

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Download the tool on your computer and activate it by signing up and get a chance to use the free demo of this amazing software at no cost.

Final Words

Office 365 users get various errors and complications while performing data transfer manually. Moreover, it becomes a mind hurdling task for novice users of Office 365.

In order to make it simple secure and safe for them, we have searched the internet and come up with the most suitable, reliable, and secure approach to move Office 365 mailbox to another user.

The above mentioned utility is the most trusted and widely used by Office 365 professionals to perform these operations with maximum data security & integrity.


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