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Motion Graphics: A new face of Content Marketing in 2021

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The digital world rushes from stale photos and texts to powerful and interactive videos. On average, a human mind can read around 15000 words per hour. However, Motion Graphics can process over 36,000 images per hour. That means visual content can bring your business more revenue than words.

Motion graphics and content marketing

First of all, let’s have a brief introduction to both motion graphics and content marketing.

Motion graphics is an animated graphic design consisting of images and motion text. Instead of plain text and pictures, you make them move and deliver a story to the end user.

On the contrary, content marketing includes everything from videos, blogs, social media posts, product descriptions, etc.

Considering that around 70% of visitors won’t read the full content you have posted on your website. Including something that catches their attention to your services is essential, i.e., it.

Scope of Motion graphics in 2021

In 2021, the scope of it will be vast in the current and upcoming years due to its several advantages over other modes. For instance, if you hire a it company for your business promotion/branding, you can attain the following benefits;

  • Animated videos are engaging and communicate with the viewers deeply.
  •  Compared to blogs or articles, a it video is a kind of storytelling, so it is easy to interpret.
  •  Instead of shooting a real video with real characters, ti involve visual characters and texts. That means it is a cost-effective approach.
  •  It video is easy to edit and update anytime, which is impossible with actual footage involving real characters.
  •  Fast communication with the audience.

Although motion graphics have considerable benefits to your business, there are some fundamentals you need to consider before starting your graphic content development. What are those? Let’s have a look below:-

  • Understand your audience

Before starting your motion graphics project, you must know your audience. You need to understand how they communicate, their engagement with your brand, their impressions of your brand, their preferred platform to connect with a business, their motivation behind visiting your brand, and so on.

If you keep an eye on these points before you start motion graphics videos, there are fair chances of your success.

  • Campaign goal

Setting a goal is the first step of any digital marketing campaign. Be it content marketing or email marketing, having a plan allows us to be more accurate in results. It is also noteworthy that you need to set a single goal and not multiple goals. Having more than one goal may end up sending mixed messages. Getting a single campaign goal ensures a clear message and a well-defined path toward that goal.

  • Choose the platforms

When planning to capture an online audience, it is vital to hit the right platform where you can start promoting your services. Nowadays, multiple outlets are trending, such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. You can create motion graphics videos based on your audience’s preference with the desired colour palette, medium, design style, video length, dimensions, etc.

  • Asset collection

Before starting your motion graphics project, you must collect all the assets required for the same. For instance, you need to think of different types of content that appeal to your audience, look for the most appropriate platform where the audience can interact with your content, and find other content formats and varieties that can work in your favour.

Having said this, motion graphics is an excellent choice if you want to engage your audience and deliver something of their interest. A little preparation before starting a motion graphics project will not harm you.

The digital world is changing, and so are the ways of promoting and branding your business. Whether you are a startup or an existing company, it is the right time to invest in motion graphics.


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