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MOT Test and the result categories

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In the UK, the MOT test is required by the law for vehicles that are older than 3 years. It is compulsory to have this test annually for these vehicles. Some vehicles require this test even after getting 1 year old only. It is set by the DVSA to conduct strictly for the vehicles to keep a check if they are safe to drive on the roads. There is a wide variety of approved checks set by the DVSA examiners for the cars like lightings, seat belts, tyres, etc.

When the MOT is done by the DVSA examiner, it means that the tester will give the information of the same day condition of the car. For example, they won’t check how tyres will work after 6 months.

After having this MOT Bilston test, if the vehicle passes but has minor problems or issues, the tester will ask to keep an eye on them and fix them. They will provide you with a pass certificate. But if the vehicle needs some major changes or has some major problems, they will ask you to fix them at the same time.

This test does not give the general mechanical condition of the vehicle but strictly assesses the condition set by the DVSA examiner.

The MOT is not for vehicles that are less than three years old but the vehicles like ambulances and taxis need this test to be done after one year.

It needs to be renewed after every 12 months. The expiry date is always available on the previous pass certificate of MOT. You can have your test conducted before the expiry period. It can be done before 28 days and it will be counted as 13 months as your next due date.


There is a need for an MOT Brierly Hill test for everyone eligible for this test according to the test criteria because it is a legal requirement by the law. It is essential to check the safety of the car on the roads and the emissions caused by these cars on public roads. If the pass certificate of MOT is not available to the driver then there is a penalty of £1,000. If the certificate is expired and the vehicle is still on the road then there is a penalty of £ 2,500 and three points on the driving license.


Time taken by the MOT test is nearly 45 minutes to 1 hour in which you are provided with wifi, tea, and a waiting area so that you do not feel tired or get bored. In this time the MOT tester checks the various systems of the cars like steering, seat belt, wheels, tyres, windscreen, fuel system, the body of the car, brakes, horn, wipers, emission produced by the car, vehicle number, and registration number of the car. The list is given by the DVSA examiner to specifically carry out the fixes in these areas and the number of items provided in the list to be checked upon.


If the driver wants to pass their first MOT test then they must take care of the condition of the car by timely conducting its services and maintaining its condition because the dirt and emissions fail a car in their MOT test carried out by DVSA nominated examiner.

The cost of this test depends on the standard of the car. The maximum cost of this test is around £54.85 and £37.80 for cars and motorcycles.

It is important to conduct this test legally by the law of the UK, and also personally because it provides safety to the driver and reduces the emissions from the environment caused by the older cars. So, everyone should be aware of this test and its criteria and should be responsible regarding their due date.


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