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Most liked Pizzas by Canadian

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The pizzas are delicious. And they are even more delicious in Canada. Pizzas are counted as comfort food and every Canadian love to get into the comfort of a tasty pizza. The Canadian choice pizzas are very different than usual and offer a great variety of tastes and flavors. The journey from opening a box to pizza to sensing it on our tongue is the most delightful journey for Canadian pizza unlimited eaters. These great Canadian pizzas hold a special place on the menu of every restaurant and the Canadian pizza toppings are to swear by. There a few pizzas that are specifically very popular and are ordered the most in the restaurants. So, here are the top 6 most popular Canadian pizza

  1. Pizza-Ghetti-  It got its name from its two major components, pizza and spaghetti. They are nothing but spaghetti spread over pizza bread with some sauces and loads of cheese. The spaghetti lovers especially go for Pizza-Ghetti and enjoy two of their favorite dishes combined as one. It is originated from Quebec and now is being sold in almost all major Canadian restaurants. Originally it used to be served as a slice and some spaghetti side-by-side, but as it gained its popularity in the US, they combined it and made it one.
  1. Windsor-Style Pizza- As the name suggests, Windsor-style Pizza is originated from Windsor. The main toppings of a Windsor-Style pizza contain mushrooms and pepperoni with tomato sauce and mozzarella on the top. To finish it up, some oregano is sprinkled. This is one of a kind having thin crispy crust. One interesting fact about this pizza is the toppings always go above the cheese and never under it. This gives it a unique touch making it different from other usual pizzas.
  1. Pictou-County Pizza- Pictou-County Pizza is originated in Nova Scotia. The crust is usually thick and chewy. Its main topping is pepperoni but what makes it different from usual pizzas is its sauce. While usually, we expect a red tomato sauce on the pizza, it is served with the brown sauce having a balance of spices up to perfection. This brown sauce makes everyone order it as you can not get these spices in any other pizza.
  1. Garlic FIngers- Garlic fingers are pizza cut into thin rectangular sticks. This contains pizza bread topped with cheese, garlic, parsley, and butter. Not having any major topping it gets all its flavor from garlic which is unbeatable. Although people who can not bear the strong smell of garlic won’t like it, other than that these sticks are pure heaven. If you prefer you can ask them to add vegetables or bacon but even without that, they taste flavorful.
  1. Hawaiian Pizza- Hawaiian pizza gives a sense of origin from Hawai but it is actually originated in Canada. It is a classic American-style pizza having cheese, ham, and pineapple as the toppings. The reason behind the name is the Hawaiian canned pineapple that was used to make it for the first time. The creator of this pizza was Sam-Panopoulos, which was created in Ontario in the mid-1960s.
  1. Pizza Cake- Pizza cakes are actually the choice of Canadians. In 2014 a Canadian-based chain, Baston Pizza called people to vote for a new pizza variety, Canadian people choose pizza cake to be number one and since then it is being loved by Canadians. Pizza cake is nothing but a Canadian pie that is baked in a cake pan giving it the feel of pizza. More than pizza, people like the concept of pizza with round whole bread and triangular slices and this pizza gives it that feel with the goodness of pie. This pizza is also very commonly sold in many Canada pizza unlimited restaurant chains.

So, it is clear that Canadian like pizza and if you too are one of those Canadians who can’t ignore a good pizza then you must try pizza106 for the perfect Canadian choice pizza. They serve awesome pizzas along with other food options that are too good to ignore. They also provide salad for those healthy food eaters and that are also supremely tasty.


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