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The Most Expensive Painting Sold By Artists For 3000$

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The Painting Was Sold By Artists For 3000$, Other Paintings Sold at 40M$

The Painting was sold by artists for 3000$, other paintings were later sold for 40 Million Dollars. Here are some paintings that were sold at expensive prices.

Nighthawks Edward Hopper Painting Canvas Print Photo Image

Artwork – The Nighthawks

Created by famous american painter – Edward Hopper

This artwork was made thanks to a snack bar near the artist’s home, he has inspired thanks to that diner. Unfortunately, the diner is no longer in existence. Instead, a parking lot was created. 

The Nighthawks Painting Analysis

Nighthawks Edward Hopper

This painting illustrates a group of individuals sitting in a bar. Each of them is puzzled by something different, and they all have difficulties. The bartender is the happiest person in this painting. It’s also worth noting that the painting was created during the Great Depression in the United States. This had a significant impact on the painting’s mood.

The bar is not really really well-equipped. There isn’t a really good atmosphere inside. Three guys and a woman with red hair are among the visitors. Hopper’s wife served as the model for this image of a red-haired woman. And the other three men are perfect clones of Hopper, the artist. He drew them while sitting in front of a mirror. 

Nighthawks Edward Hopper Painting Photo Value

Found this image on Lavelart website.

Nighthawk Specifications

Look at how the street has very dark hues, while the bar has lighter cherry greenish colors. Despite its terrible design, it appears like the diner is quite cozy, and you want to be there in comparison to what is going on on the street. It seems that now it is very quiet compared to the daytime atmosphere When there are a lot of people and it is very noisy.

Hopper tried to express the feeling of loneliness in a big metropolis with this painting. Another curious detail is that there is no exit from the bar seen in the illustration. This deepens people’s feelings of isolation and loneliness. None of the visitors speak to each other; they are all immersed in their negative thoughts. 

It’s worthy to mention that he only in this painting showed curved lines that allow you to view the glass.

An interesting fact is that McDonald’s wanted to purchase the rights to this image and place their clown on it. However, their plan was foiled when a huge scandal erupted. What marketers will not think of in order to increase hamburger sales. 

This painting – “Nighthawks” had a significant impact on American culture. Many clones of this image started popping up. A similar illustration was recreated in films and cartoons. Scenes like these can be found in the movie “The American,” “The Freudian robbery,” “Blade Runner,” and “The end of violence.” Even in The Simpsons, there is a scene with customers at midnight in a night cafe. The image was ranked in the top ten most cloning paintings.

The Nighthawks Painting Value

Many folks are undoubtedly curious about the value of the original. Hopper sold this painting for $ 3,000 to the Chicago Art Institute. For example, one of his paintings, “East Wind over Weehawken,” was sold for $40.5 million, which the artist was unaware of because he was already dead at the time. If you also would like to buy Nighthawks painting, then you do not need to spend 40 million, just buy nighthawks print on canvas, the price could be 15 – 100 dollars, depending on the size of the print. 


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