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Gurgaon’s Most Admired Preschools-TSEY

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Pre-schooling is the foundation step for your child’s first time in a formal learning environment. Various researches show that children gain a lot from going to preschool. It is here that they are exposed to letters, shapes, and numbers. And most importantly, develop emotional and social skills. 

Let’s look at the major reasons why preschool is beneficial for your little one. 

1. Preschool provides a foundation for both academic and social learning. The best preschools in Gurgaon help students learn concepts and acquire necessary skills by offering a wide variety of activities and free play.

2. A high-quality childhood education prepares students for elementary school. Research reports show that children who attend preschool enter schools with strong math skills, literacy skills, and better vocabulary than those who do not.

3. Kids in preschool learn wonders – right from solving complex problems, being respectful toward others to discover that they are capable of doing things for themselves. Preschool contributes to the overall development of your child. 

4. Preschool is the first experience for your kids in a structured setting with teachers and groups of children of their age. This gives them a good opportunity to learn how to share, follow instructions, take turns and so on.

Pre-school experiences can help in developing the lifelong love of learning in your little one. It is, therefore, crucial to decide on the right preschool in Gurgaon that best suits your child’s needs.
With so many preschools, it is indeed a daunting task to narrow down one. If you are a parent based in Gurgaon and looking out for the best preschool for your little one, TSEY could be a great choice!

TSEY – preschools in Gurgaon

Looking for a high-quality preschool near you? TSEY is considered to be the best preschool in Gurgaon. From vibrant and inviting infrastructure, well-defined curriculum to well-qualified, experienced faculty, everything at TSEY is strategically designed in a manner to promote children’s learning in a  safe environment. 

The school gives your child the perfect opportunity to learn and grow. Children are encouraged to reach their potential through the proper guidance of our talented faculty. Learning by doing and free play helps children to grow into confident and responsible people. Check out the reasons why you should choose TSEY for your child. 

1. Encourage free play – This activity fosters simple life skills, creativity, and imagination in children. 

2. Safe and secure environment – The school has installed CCTVs in common areas and classrooms, finger protection equipment at every door, and anti-skid stairways; all of which contribute towards making TSEY a safe and secure place for children.

3. Consistent daily routine – A consistent step-by-step routine helps children become more confident and secure. 

4. Wonder time – This is an experiment that encourages young minds to experience and observe things around them which leads them towards the thrill of learning new things. 

5. Music and Movement – Music and Movement is an integral part of the curriculum at TSEY. It helps improve children’s ability to learn, improve memory and practice social skills. 

TSEY – preschools and daycare in Gurgaon offer numerous opportunities for the little one to learn new skills in a fun manner!


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