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Monitor Your Asustor NAS Storage Device using the AiMaster app

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There are many storage devices in the market that cannot fulfill the needs of large companies. The Asustor NAS device is a storage device used to keep the father documents and files safely because of its large storage space. You can store TBs of data and can be accessed from anywhere. The power, system, network, USB, and the hard disk LED light on the front will let you know the status of the device. Also the USB port will offer you to share files quickly and in a secure way. There are four trays on the front where you can insert the hard drive to store the data. HDMI port, USB port as well as RJ45 port, reset button, DC input, and a system fan on its back. The inbuilt system fan on its back will save the power costs.

The login process is simple and can be accomplished by typing the Asustor default IP address using the web interface. The intel Gemini quad core processor on this device is much faster as compared to the old one.

Features Of Asustor NAS Storage device

Fast Processor and Security

It comes with an Intel Gemini quad core processor that will let you share the files at a super fast speed. Two way data transfer feature with bulletproof protection provides a safe and secure way to transfer the data. As well as the service center will keep your data information asset and you are able to access and manage the IP cameras. They will send you the notification if you face any issues regarding the Asustor device. Security encryption and defender will provide the greatest level of security to your stored data.

Cloud Platform

It is the best platform to store the data as you can extract data from anywhere. The biggest advantage of this device is you can run easily even in your old system device. No minimum requirements need to access the data from the PC. Not only from a PC, but you can also easily access the data and even manage the device from a mobile device. Energy efficient features will save the power cost up to a great extent.

Entertainment Hub

This device will provide you the best entertaining platform when connected with a PC or other. You can access various apps such as Looks goog, photo gallery, Asustor portal, iTunes, and many more to enjoy the digital entertainment at your step. 

Connecting The AiMaster App To Your Asustor NAS Storage Device

Connecting the Aimaster app with your NAS device is simple. Just follow these steps to accomplish the connection.

Download the AiMaster app from the store and open it. Therefore , after launching the app tap on the + icon available at the top. It will show you connect via Cloud ID,  connect via hostname or IP, Auto discovery and cancel option at the bottom. Also need to hit the auto discovery icon. Choose your NAS from the server list and fill in the login credentials. Click on the top right icon to sign in and your device is now connected with the Aimaster app.

Monitor Your NAS Storage Device using the Aimaster app

Connect your NAS device with the AiMaster app as we mentioned above. Choose the system info indicated by the I icon on the top. All your device information will be visible on the screen. Also check the fan speed and system temperature. Choose the activity monitor option from the page you select the system info option. Therefore , now the bars will be shown on your screen with status, network, disk usage. and process. Click on the online user’s option from the main menu page to see the black list and users who are online and using the NAS device.

Choose the user by tapping it and choose the duration for which you want to block that person. Choose the system log from the main menu. Bars indicating the system log, file access log, and connection log will show up.You can also monitor the NAS device using the push notification. For this, you have to type Asustor NAS login in the search box by using the web browser. As well as sign in to ADM. A new interface with setting options will appear. Also need to tick mark the blank check box to enable push notification after selecting the notification from the settings lists. Click on the apply option. Now you will receive the push notification through the AiMaster app on your mobile device when the system events happen.

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