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Modern elements of design living rooms

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The living rooms is a common room where we receive visitors and that is why we should take care of furnishing it. It is the room where your guests will make a first impression of your home.

Every property owner tries to incorporate modern elements into their living room. It longs for a design living room with timeless furniture and modern decorations.

What modern elements of design living rooms should we prefer?

living rooms: Dominant sofa

The modern element of design living rooms is above all the dominant sofa. The sofa in the design living room acts as a solitaire. It is the dominant element that hits the room at first sight.

The modern elements of the design of living room are mainly Slovak sofas. High-quality construction, high-quality upholstery fabrics and, above all, high-quality Slovak handwork make Slovak sofas the best we have on the market, so if you are deciding which seat to choose, give priority to the Slovak sofa. Timeless Slovak sofas fit perfectly into design living room.

As for the color design, it is better to prefer light gray, dark gray, brown or beige sofas. They will combine well with you and fit perfectly into minimalist living rooms.

living rooms: Open space and bright elements

The dominant modern element of design living rooms is also an open space, ideally connected with a nice wooden staircase . The seat should be dominated by a simple piece of carpet in a light design that matches the color of the modern floor, ideally long-haired in a cream and soft powder color. The open space creates airiness, which is welcome in the room where we receive visitors and later relax with the family. At the same time, the bright elements soothe and do not attract unwanted attention.

Bouquets and modern wall coverings

A nice revival and at the same time a modern element of design living room is also wall coverings. Glass vases with bouquets, which can be bought at any time of year, should also dominate. Especially now in winter, they will be a pleasant refreshment of interior spaces lit by artificial lighting. As far as tiles are concerned, wooden as well as travertine tiles stand out nicely.


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