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Modern Decor Trends for Studio Apartments

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Studio apartments can be a great solution if you live in a crowded urban area or need a lower-cost rental unit. These small spaces are perfect for one person, and they provide everything you need. The downside is that they can be difficult to decorate due to their open living area that often serves multiple purposes. With some research and creativity, it is possible to use home decor to strategically design more practical and aesthetically pleasing spaces. Get inspiration with these modern decor trends for studio apartments.

Divide and Conquer

Room dividers are practically essential for studio living. These can come in a variety of forms. A folding privacy screen is an obvious choice, as its primary purpose is in its name. A privacy screen gives you a simple way to create privacy in a bedroom by shielding it from the view of living area guests. There are lots of other creative ways to break up large, open spaces into smaller living zones. Curtains or draperies hung from a track on the ceiling adds a layer of softness and texture, while delineating space and adding privacy. A tall bookshelf or cubby can also visually indicate where one room ends and the next begins. Floating art is a new trend that is gaining traction. For this technique, simply hang large wall art from the ceiling by picture wire. You may appreciate this approach if you live in a particularly small studio, as it doesn’t completely obstruct a view and allows the space to look larger.

Create an Illusion

There are a number of other methods to make your tiny studio apartment seem bigger while using the space efficiently. A clear partition may be an option if privacy isn’t your primary concern. Such partitions provide a designation for a particular space, yet don’t close things off completely and allow light to flow. Using mirrors is a classic decorating trick that works well in small spaces. Your mirrors help to reflect light throughout the space while adding visual interest.

Use Wall Space

When space is tight, you need to think outside the box. Your walls can be great assets when it comes to providing practical living solutions. Wall shelving gives you room to store small items, knick-knacks, and books without taking up valuable real estate on the floor. Look for furniture that attaches to the wall and folds up if you want to maximize this decorating approach. A kitchen table can be folded away when not in use or you choose to hide your work during free time with a fold-out desk. You can even hide your bed by purchasing a Murphy bed that folds away into its own cupboard space against the wall.

Go Monochromatic

When living in one large space, you’ll want to be sure your colors coordinate. Otherwise, your place can tend to look cluttered or messy no matter what the layout. You can solve this dilemma by choosing to decorate your entire space around one particular color. You can use different shades of your primary color or go with colors that are similar to the main tone. If you don’t care for the monochromatic look, choose a color scheme and stick with it throughout your whole studio.

Make an Entryway

Even in the tiniest of apartments, it’s possible to create an entry space to leave your coats, shoes, bags, and accessories. Add a comfy chair, some hooks, and a large basket near the door of your studio to designate your improvised mudroom. You’ll have a spot to toss your stuff when you come home, and your visitors will be clued in on where to leave their shoes.

Camouflage When Needed

In a studio, it’s often possible to view the entire apartment from one spot. This might require you to get creative when it comes to hiding certain eyesores. For example, you can help your refrigerator to blend in with the surroundings by covering it with removable wallpaper or colored contact paper. Turn your bed into a sofa with tons of decorative pillows. You get the idea.

Keep these tips in mind when you decorate your new place. Such studio apartment decor trends can easily overcome the challenges that come with creating livable, practical, and beautiful surroundings. 


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