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Modern Bathroom Design Ideas for 2021

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Out with the old, in with the new. It seems like you are doing something new with your living space every year and it can often be challenging to come up with new design ideas for it. Luckily, there is no need to reinvent the wheel here as there is a whole set of ideas, suggestions, and designs just waiting for you. There’s even less if you have decided on a specific room or a project. If that something is the bathroom then you picked the right year to do so. Too much info can easily overwhelm anyone, so in the next few lines we will try to condense all of it into, what we hope, will be your future bathroom. Since there is no time like the present and the same applies to starting any project. With that here are some of our suggestions for you.

1. Pick a theme

Does the very thought of combining colours, designs, patterns, etc. make you think you chewed on more than you can handle? In that case, the best thing to do is to stick to a whole theme as they come with a complete set of items. Let’s say that you want a Mediterranean bathroom. Then you are looking at earthly tones, pleasant and warm colour patterns, white baths (or showers), and elements. The goal here is to smell the sea when you enter your private space. 

Or, do you want to aim for a more luxurious design but without breaking the bank? After all, the bathroom is the place where even the king goes alone. By this design, we don’t mean gold-plated chandeliers and diamond-encrusted glass, but elegant and slick, coupled with modern design. Here the elements have more subtle tones, with wooden counterparts and bath rugs that complement the walls. 

Some unusual designs promote a more intimate bathroom with hush lights, gentle colours that will promote a more dim and private time. Bathrooms are places we consider a great place to isolate from the hectic world, and you should make any effort in creating that place special. Now, what is special can mean a lot of things to people. Taking any of the terms that we mentioned, or you have in mind, and googling or searching Pinterest is a start as it will provide you with the foundation. And on that, you can build further.

2. Rock on

Steady, sturdy, solid, with marble, granite, and similar you can’t go wrong. They are all great for bathrooms as water does next to nothing against them and can be used as focal points for designing the rest. They are the centrepiece that can dictate the rest of the colour and them. Like a particular colour and design of a marble bathroom countertop? 

Then, you just found your foundation for the rest of the project as you can now build around it. With their impressive presence, they will be the first thing you see (or your guests), you can put just about anything on them and they can last almost indefinitely. They are a reasonable and future-proof investment that you should consider.

3. Baths VS Showers

Taking a quick shower while you have to run somewhere is something that a bathtub can never beat. But here we are talking about redesigning your bathroom into an oasis of peace for you. It needs to be a place where you can relax, lay low and recover. That’s something only a steaming hot, bubbly bath can only offer.

 And when redesigning, you should prioritize these, which can be achieved easily with modern options. Popular options include a freestanding bath that you can easily fit in, fill in and enjoy spoiling yourself.  At least every once in a while, it’s recommended to go out of your way and spoil yourself.

4. Minimal design – maximum results

Bathrooms need space to function more than any other room in your home. Moving around should be easy and not obstructed by clutter. Build-in cabinets, wall-mounted cabinets, or similar cleanup and store everything you need in a bathroom and free up the much-needed space. They can be made to complement your design as the options regarding them are limitless. Towels go here, hygiene products there, bath-related items over there, etc. and you keep them out of harm’s way and below your feet while you walk around drying yourself with a towel. 

Aside from safety, minimalistic design clears any needless cluttering and puts into focus what matters, and that is your taste. One thing to have in mind here is larger and wider bath tiles. There is no need to choose the outdated mosaic-like design with smaller ones as the technology has progressed. Picking out larger tiles makes them easier to install, they are easier to clean and they seamlessly fit together.  Minimalistic design means clearing away anything that messes with your vision. You went thru all that hassle of picking out and installing everything into a picture that you had in mind, now why not make it stand out?

5. Flower power in Bathroom

Bathrooms are generally moist areas so you can use that to your advantage with plants. As such, your design only needs to adapt and incorporate plants that love and thrive in such conditions. You can keep them high and above if you go with peace lilies, ferns, and snake plants. They can be settled over some elements and their liana-like bodies can go around some parts and decorate them further. 

Various types of croton plants can find their home in any corner that you have vacant. The same goes for palm-like plants like the chamaedorea family that can fit alongside any walls that you may find dull and empty.

Plants offer various benefits and are proven to have calming and relaxing implications. With them, we reconnect with nature and bring it inside. Being surrounded by them or just using one or two, can change the tone of any bathroom. Natural, down-to-earth, and peaceful are some of the goals you can accomplish and these types of plants are not high maintenance so you won’t have to stress out about them. That would kind of defeat the whole point of the new bathroom that you are trying to make. Don’t worry as plants can be your friends and allies in your quest for the ideal bathroom.

6. Paint a picture in Bathroom

Honourable mentions go towards the colour palette. They are the finishing touch that complements the idea of your design. Warm, bright, and cheerful, or sleek, modern, and professional? Or a third option? Yes, a simple white colour opens up the place and makes it perfectly neutral, but experimenting with different shades and tones can lead to exciting discoveries. Modern paints for bathrooms are all moist proof and can be washed and cleaned, without the fear of washout and don’t pale or fade over time, so don’t fret about that. Focus on what’s the most pleasant option for your eyes. After that, just go along with the design that you have in mind. 

Entering your bathroom should provide relief and we mean this in every way. Closing that door means shutting yourself from the world and focusing on the most important person in your life. That being, of course, you. Here your needs need to be in focus. Simply relaxing from all the stress and drama as you feel it washing away, enjoying the view that you made. Pleasant smells fill the room as you relax and let go of all the stress and tension built up and stored inside you. These are the goals that your bathroom needs to accomplish and when it does, it’s worth all the hustle and money in the world.


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