Mobile Legends: 7 Tips You Should Know to Dominate the Mid Lane

Are you ready to dominate the battlefield in Mobile Legends? This action-packed MOBA game is not for the faint of heart, but with a few tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be unstoppable!

As a Mid Lane player, it’s up to you to outsmart your opponents and lead your team to victory. Lucky for you, we’ve got some fantastic tips and tricks that will have you crushing the competition in no time. Get ready to show your enemies who’s boss with our expert advice!

1. Know What Makes An Excellent Mid-Lane Hero

To become a master of the mid-lane in Mobile Legends, you first need to choose the right champion. There are two options: the mage, who dishes out magic damage from a distance, or the assassin, who dives into the fray to deal lethal bursts of damage.

The choice is yours, but we recommend trying out a few different champions to see which one suits you best.

2. Choose A Good Mid Lane Hero

You can try out the three Mid-Lane heroes below and choose one to master. 

  • Cyclops is a mage hero who’s easy to master and excels at farming due to his long-range attacks. His passive reduces the ability cooldown each time he hits an enemy. Stardust Shock, Cyclops’ first ability, fires two shockwaves that deal magic damage. Planets Attack, the second ability, creates a sphere around Cyclops, increasing his movement speed and damaging enemies. Star Power Lockdown, his ultimate, creates a sphere that locks onto an enemy, dealing massive damage and rooting them for two seconds.
  • Hayabusa is an ideal hero for players who prefer up-close and personal combat. His passive Ninjutsu Shadow Heal allows him to regain health by hitting the same hero four times. Phantom Shuriken, his first ability, throws three shurikens that deal damage and slow enemies down. Quad Shadow, his second ability, turns him into a shadow that can deal physical damage, and each consecutive hit does more damage. His ultimate, Ougi Shadow Kill, locks onto an enemy, making Hayabusa disappear and deal continuous damage while regaining health.
  • Kagura is a mage hero with high survivability due to her two movesets. Her passive, Shield of Spirit, provides a shield when her umbrella is connected. Her first move moves the umbrella to a selected location, damaging enemies and slowing their movement. Her second ability removes movement-impairing effects and leaves the umbrella in place, giving Kagura free movement. Her ultimate deals magic damage and knocks back the nearest enemy when the umbrella is attached to her. If not, she links the target enemy and the umbrella, dealing damage and pulling them towards it. Kagura is challenging to master but offers a lot of survivability in fights.

3. Control The Creep Wave

Controlling the creep wave is an essential strategy for dominating the mid-lane in Mobile Legends. The creep wave refers to the minions that spawn regularly and move down the lanes towards the enemy base. By controlling the creep wave, you can gain a tactical advantage over your opponent, making it easier to farm gold, gain experience, and push your opponent back.

4. Be Aware of The Map

The mini-map is an essential tool for mid-lane players. It allows you to see where the enemy is, which can help you avoid ganks and make informed decisions about where to go and what to do. By keeping an eye on the map, you can stay one step ahead of your opponents and react quickly to changes in the game.

5. Harass the enemy

Harassing your enemy in the mid-lane can help you dominate the lane by putting pressure on them, forcing them to play more defensively and miss out on important last hits and gold. If you can consistently harass your enemy, they will be forced to use their resources (such as health potions) to sustain themselves, eventually putting them at a disadvantage in the lane.

Additionally, successful harassment can force your enemy to play more passively and stay further away from the creep wave, making it easier for you to control the lane and deny them experience and gold. This will also allow you to push the lane towards the enemy tower, putting more pressure on your opponent.

However, it’s important to remember that while harassing can be effective, it can also leave you vulnerable to ganks or retaliation from your enemy. So it’s essential to balance aggressive harassment and to keep yourself safe in the lane.

6. Manage Your Mana 

Managing your mana is crucial for dominating the mid-lane in Mobile Legends. In the early game, when you’re low on mana, it can be challenging to harass your enemy or farm effectively. By managing your mana correctly, you can use your skills and abilities more efficiently and effectively, gaining a significant advantage over your opponent.

To manage your mana effectively, it’s essential to use your skills judiciously and only when necessary. You can also consider purchasing items that restore mana or decrease the mana cost of your skills. Another way to manage your mana is to use your basic attack to farm minions instead of your abilities, which can help save mana for more important situations.

7. Timing is Key

Timing is crucial in dominating the mid-lane in Mobile Legends because it can significantly affect the outcome of battles. For example, timing your abilities and items can be the difference between securing a kill or getting killed yourself. Additionally, timing your movements and rotations can allow you to capitalize on the enemy’s mistakes and take objectives such as towers, buffs, and even the Lord or Turtle.

Moreover, keeping track of the enemy’s cooldowns and timing your engagements accordingly can give you an advantage in the lane. If the enemy has used their abilities and is on cooldown, it presents an opportunity for you to harass them or engage in an all-out fight.

Finally, timing also includes proper map awareness and positioning. Knowing when to push the lane, when to rotate, and when to retreat can decide who wins the mid-lane.


In conclusion, dominating the mid-lane in Mobile Legends requires strategy, skill, and practice. Choosing the right hero for your playstyle is crucial, whether you prefer to play as a mage, assassin, or another type of hero. Mastering your hero’s skills and timing your attacks and abilities is essential for controlling the creep wave and harassing your enemy.

With these tips and strategies, you can improve your gameplay and become a formidable force in the mid-lane of Mobile Legends. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep honing your skills and adapting your approach to become a true champion.

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