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Mini guide to selling a home: tips and tricks

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Looking for a quick house sale, but need to renew your sales techniques? We have prepared a Mini guide for you with tips and advice for you t help you sell your house faster.

Tips for real estate companies with which to sell more

Although many experts defend that selling a house is a process that takes months to carry out, the truth is that there is no official data to corroborate this statement. Success when selling a home resides in various aspects such as the skill of the agent, the condition of the property, and market demand. But there are always a number of variables that help speed up the process. We tell you what they are below:

Rate the homes correctly:

Knowing the situation of the real estate market and knowing how to adapt to it is something more complex than it may seem a priori. To do it well, it is best to ask an expert for a comparative analysis to find out what price is being asked for your home. This is a point that often fails because the seller goes to the real estate with a preconceived idea of ​​what his house is, and the agent, on fear of losing the operation, does not get him out of his mistake.

Apply a marketing plan:

You should apply a real estate marketing plan with which to promote the house with measures Such as advertising on internet portals, using social networks for dissemination, taking Professional photographs or relying on techniques such as Home Staging, among others things.

Study if improvements can be made:

Although many owners refuse to carry out reforms or invest money in a home they want to sell, Your job as a real estate agent is to advise and convince them otherwise if you think that these Measures will speed up the sale process. Fix small flaws, depersonalize the home by removing Photographs and paintings, paint the property in neutral tones, and thoroughly clean the house. These are simple measures that, despite requiring a prior investment by the seller, can later be Profitable with the sale.

Prevent owners from being present on visits:

It may seem silly, but many future buyers feel uncomfortable in the presence of the property Owners. Being self-conscious when giving an opinion, fear of touching or trying the objects Found in the house or repressing oneself when speaking with the agent, are some of the Attitudes that the presence of the owners tends to provoke. For this reason, it is preferable that you are not present at the premise at the time of viewing and let the agent handle it.

Take care of the documentation:

If there is something that puts many buyers back when facing a purchase process, it is Paperwork. Either due to ignorance or lack of time, investors prefer that there be a person who Takes care of these issues. So take a step forward and anticipate their demands by having everything prepared. Appointment with the notary, deeds, name change in the property Registry. These are steps that every buyer has to go through and in which an agent can be very helpful.

Always bring out the positives:

Future buyers will always look to what they do not like or damage. To counteract these Inconveniences, it is best to bring out the positive points of a home, as there always are. For Example, if the kitchen is small, try to focus on the equipment it is wearing, the quality of the Appliances and even the materials. Another good option to refute this argument is cleaning: the Smaller it is, the less there will be to clean.

Avoid rushing and nervousness:

No matter how much need you have to sell the house, it is important not to transmit this to the interested parties, since the only thing that will be achieved are downward operations. Be Patient relaxed and bring out your most professional side. If things get complicated, you can always play the card that there are more people attracted to the apartment to pressure the most indecisive.


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