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OneDrive Tenant to Tenant Migration – Automated Approach

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Follow this complete article to learn the modern way to migrate OneDrive from one tenant to another. The most reliable and secure solution is provided in this write-up for users facing complications when performing this operation manually.

In this era of cloud service, most organizations prefer Office 365 (SAAS) Cloud-based service. Due to security & services every organization trusts Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based services & moves on to Office 365.

We know OneDrive for business is an online storage facility which is provided by Microsoft Office 365. Whereas, there are many scenarios where organizations face difficulties while migrating OneDrive between tenants. So, let’ explore the possible solution for the same.

In this informative guide, you will learn how to move OneDrive data between tenants. So, get started, follow the given steps!

Planning Before Migrating OneDrive between Two Tenants

Data transfer planning is one of the most vital parts, you have to consider some points before starting this operation.

Such as the number of users, and the amount of data and files, that you are going to migrate to the destination OneDrive account.

You also have to consider Data Distribution, which means you have to know about shared data & owned data. Shared Data means data that is not owned by the users, but they have permission to access the data. Owned data means data that is owned by the user. The planning phase will help you to filter out which data you need to migrate & which data is not required to migrate.

Now, move forward to the next step where we will know how you can perform this operation safely.

There is two way to perform this operation first is through the manual approach and the second is using the automated software. The manual approach consists of downloading the required data from the source OneDrive account to the Destination OneDrive account.

How to Migrate OneDrive from One Tenant to Another? – Reliable Approach

Data transition was never been an easy operation to execute, it is quite a complicated and technical task to perform. But you can make this task convenient by using OneDrive to OneDrive Migration tool.

Here are Some of the Features of this Tool are Given Below

1. It can easily migrate emails, contacts, calendars, tasks,s, and documents in a single go.

2. It Offers delta migration to migrate newly arrived items in the source account.

3. Provides Date-based modern filter option to transfer selective data.

4. It also supports all items for migration such as photo, doc files, PDF files, etc..,

5. Supports multiple OneDrive accounts data migration and is compatible with Windows 10 OS.

Step-by-Step Guide to Migrate OneDrive from One Tenant to Another

Step 1. In the very first step download and run the tool on your computer.

Step 2. Then, choose Office 365 as the source and the destination to perform OneDrive tenant to tenant migration.

Step 3. Now, choose Document and enable Migrate Document Permissions and Use group mapping options.  Then click on the Next button. Use the provided date filter for selective data migration. You just need to desired date range from the given calendars

Step 4. Now, login to the source tenant with source Admin Email & Application ID. Then click on the validate button to validate the required permission. Then, click Next.

Step 5. After that, log in using the destination Admin Email & Application ID. Then validate permission. Click Next to perform OneDrive tenant to tenant migration.

Step 6. In this step create user mapping between the source and the detonation tenant. In order to accomplish this task, you have to import a CSV file. Click on Download Template and provide a list of mapped users of the source and destination.

Step 7. Then, Upload that CSV file in software to migrate OneDrive from one tenant to another.

Step 8. Users will be mapped. After that, Click on Validate button to validate the required permission.

Step 9. After validating the required permission click on Start Migration to OneDrive tenant to tenant migration.

Trial Version

Use the limited time, free demo of this tool to verify the working and performance a no cost. Also, you can use the demo version to migrate two user’s accounts for free. For further migration, you will need to buy the required license which is available at a reasonable cost.

Wrapping Up

Performing OneDrive tenant to tenant migration can be a tough and tedious task to perform manually therefore, we have provided the best approach over the manual method. So, that users can easily perform this complicated task without any data loss.

Although users can use the manual method for small data transfer but not recommended for large data sizes. After reading this article you can easily migrate OneDrive from one tenant to another with maximum data security and integrity.


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