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Microlearning: How It Benefits Organizations

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We are all more distracted than ever, and for last few years, our attention spans have steadily decreased. According to study, these average human attention span this now 8 seconds are microlearning.

Micro-learning, is hyper-relevant bites of information are digestible, and are delivered exact moment is required. For learners, microlearning has benefits of time-saving and choice to learn when and what they want to learn.

Micro-learning, is very much beneficial for organizations, especially for training purposes. Learning Management Systems as Bridge LMS uses microlearning for benefit. For organizations, micro-learning the following advantages.

Advantages Of Microlearning In Organization

Does not overwhelm learners

A large amount of training material manifests itself in dread and unenthusiasm on part of trainees. Even the most eager new employees can only feign enthusiasm the sake it. Even if training does start, the chances are trainees will overwhelmed by sheer amount of training material. Micro-learning nuggets solve this problem, as easy to consume and retain with the option of what and when the trainees.

Swift course production

Rather than producing the whole course content, is naturally big and contains large amounts of data, which will take up a whole lot of time to formulate and produce, micro-courses other hand are less time-consuming to produce. Some of these nuggets might just take few minutes to be produced.

Easy deployment

The whole large course which comprises multiple files of varying sizes needs to be uploaded first whether you are using top-of-the-tier services. There are bottlenecks everywhere in the case of internet infrastructure. To counter this problem, micro-lessons can be used, which are not supposed to all be downloaded at once. Thus, they have easier deployment. 


In general circumstances, for a whole course, it’s hard to ascertain whether it was effective or not. Given the amount of data, trainees were asked to consume, you can never be sure if you overwhelmed them or not. But in the case of micro-learning, trainees are not overwhelmed and there is a fair chance that they learned maximum out of the material they were offered. Thus, making it much more effective than the traditional methods.

Less time-consuming

It is already a fact that microlearning nuggets are small pieces of relevant information. They are easy to produce and consume, owing to their small size. Thus, all in all, nano learning is much less time-consuming than traditional courses. 

Fun element

The micro lessons can be made much more interactive, by using gamification and introducing competition. These lessons can be in the form of a game or small video, to drive your lesson home. All these practices, including the size of information, make it more fun. The fun element of microlearning can not be denied.


The micro-learning lessons drive the point home, rather than beating around the bush. In the case of whole courses, if you want to learn the meaning of a topic, you have to follow a given set of chronological order. You will first learn about the introduction, then its history, and then maybe its meaning. To understand the topic well this order is important, but just to know the meaning, microlearning works well as it is specific.

Collaborative learning

In the case of microlearning, if the said nuggets are used along with social media, it promotes collaborative learning. Videos, audios, infographics, podcasts, quizzes, eBooks, PDF editor, etc. can be shared on common social platforms for better engagement and promote collaboration between the trainees. It will help to create a business strategy.

Thus, micro-learning as a tool can be used to our advantage and this trend is likely to be on the rise in the coming times as well.

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