Methods to Amplify HME Medical Billing Collections

HME Medial Billing

Today, as a result of various HME medical billing software, most billers and coders lack the software knowledge required during implementation. This results in more

  • Errors
  • Complications
  • Denied claims

And nothing irritates a healthcare provider’s bottom line more than a claim being denied or rejected in the HME medical billing process. This is why, in today’s world, healthcare providers are finding outsourcing to be a far more practical HME medical billing solution.

A solution to rising DSOs is currently a major source of frustration for many HME providers. Indeed, improving logistics necessitates a significant amount of investment, and rising operational costs are a significant setback for many.

Finally, all you need is someone who can help you improve your front-end efforts and better manage your inventory. Many providers of HME medical billing services have struggled with the heavy lifting work from the start.

 Setting the right benchmark requires:

  • Entering the order
  • Confirming it on time
  • Checking the eligibilities
  • Obtaining authorization
  • Following up with the prescribing physicians

Finding the right vendor who can provide streamlined support is key to create the ideal ecosystem that drives ROI and eliminates practice management loopholes. The biggest concern right now is finding partners who can provide synchronized support at affordable prices.

Sunknowledge’s Unique Selling Proposition for HME Medical Billing:

We’ve had great success recovering pending collections over the last decade, working with some of the largest HME companies with excellent references. We are one of the few RCM firms that provide both full service and a stand-alone solution.

Sunknowledge Services Inc is one such outsourcing RCM organization that not only ensures seamless HME Medical billing transactions but also uninterrupted cash flow. Our experts not only ensure 80% operational cost reduction through constant follow-up and regular communication, but they also maintain a 99.9% accuracy rate in billing and coding.

Sunknowledge Services Inc distinguishing characteristics include:

  • Yearly maintenance of compliance.
  • A top-of-the-line infrastructure in place to protect PHI from any malicious threats.
  • 3 million dollar liability insurance with up to 1 million dollars per incident coverage
  • Dedicated resources with US phone numbers available on all working days in the US
  • Dedicated Account Managers are provided free of charge to all of our clients.
  • Supervisors and Internal auditors are assigned to every account
  • Free of cost Account setup and transition

We define your HME billing collections in the best possible way at 2% of collections or $7 per hour. We provide the highest productivity metrics even today. Moreover, we believe in serving as a dependable operational extension for the industry’s biggest names.

Hence to conclude, Sunknowledge Services Inc is the complete one-stop destination for all HME medical billing solutions. We assist you in completely modifying your HME billing process for better medical billing management so that you can focus more on patient care.

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