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True to the motto: “The right medication at the right time!” called Medicine packaging.

The prescribed medication is secured in advance by your pharmacy, professionally filled into the medication calendar, and sorted by day and time of the week.

The provider of Medicine packaging

SM Custom Packaging, based USA, was founded in May 2020 by the MR. Sanwal. With the medicine calendar, the idea arose at that time to offer a practice-oriented, ecologically sustainable blister for better therapy compliance through a clear dosage form and to carry out a paradigm shift.

All components of the medicinal calendar are manufactured in Germany and Europe and important topics such as reducing packaging waste are always in the foreground for those responsible. One of the company’s mottos is the advantages of personalized medicine packaging must not be associated with additional environmental pollution!

The ecological medicine calendar.

Whether in mini or A4 large format, the practical medicine calendar consists of three basic components. First and foremost, the protective outer shell consists of an elegantly printed tinplate container (Made in Germany) with embossed knobs in the lid area.

After opening the high-quality container, the real highlight of the packaging comes to light. A colorful and user-friendly medication tray was realized with the help of the sustainable packaging brand SM Custom Packaging from DE-PACK. SM Custom Packaging or custom packaging for small business is an individually formable packaging material, which consists of industrial starch, vegetable cellulose fibers, and water, i.e. a 100% ecological raw material mixture without any microplastic components. SM Custom Packaging does not contain any chemical ingredients; the packaging is certified food-safe and is CO 2-neutral manufactured. The environmentally friendly trays are available in different cavities and can be optimally used: 4×7 and 5×7 in large A4 format and 4×7 in mini A5 format.

Last but not least, the fully recyclable and biodegradable SM Custom Packaging tray has an information seal combination label on it. The pharmacy medications in the nests must ultimately be labeled safely and correctly (usually after morning, noon, evening, night (sometimes extra “sober”) and also protected from falling out. The combination label consists of a transparent film (No plastic, but Naturflex TM modern cellophane), which consists of cellulose, obtained from the renewable, certified raw material wood. Recycled environmental paper is used for the information cover sheet over the cellulose film. The adhesive used is of course made of organic materials and free from pollutants.

Reduction of packaging waste.

Organic material like LINED BOXES is completely degraded by soil organisms in a few weeks under the influence of atmospheric oxygen. The DE-PACK team is extremely pleased to have supported and implemented this brilliant packaging concept from the SM Custom Packaging brand. We hope the many advantages of ecological packaging such as SM Custom Packaging lead to ever greater market penetration because we should all act more sustainably and responsibly for the sake of the environment. Make effective use of the presorted medication service and let the experienced experts advise you


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