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A Guide To Installing Metal Stud Framing – Cost, Pros & Cons

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The construction of planes and walls using cold-formed steel or metal components is called Metal Stud Framing. It is an essential component of steel buildings.

Metal Stud Framing consists of two components:

  • A Stud
  • A Track

Two gauges associate with it; a heavier gauge is primarily used in exterior walls, which are load-bearing walls, while the lighter gauge is used in some interior walls or half walls, which are supposed to be non-load bearing walls. In this article, you will learn how to install metal stud framing along with its cost, pros, and cons.

How To Install Metal Stud Framing?

Metal Stud Framing is often used in commercial constructions and pre-fab steel buildings because of its numerous advantages.

Following are the steps to install Metal Framing:

1.     Purchase right tools:

The tools required to install stud framing include metal cut-off saw, screw gun, hammer drill, level, clamps, etc.

2.     Find out the number of studs needed:

Purchase the required number of steel plates, also called tracks. Leave the space of at least 12 inches (300 mm) between studs.

3.     Fasten the lower lengths of steel plates in the floor:

To position and fasten the tracks at the right place, use chalk lines to locate the lower tracks. After doing this, use drill machines to drill holes in both studs/track and then fasten them with screws.

4.     Track plumbing:

After fastening the tracks, you can use a laser level to ensure that both tracks are plumbed together.

5.     Fastening the track to the upper ceiling:

Using a screw gun and drill machine, you can fasten the track to the upper ceiling with the required adjustments.

6.     Trimming of steel studs:

Trim the extras of metal stud by using a straight cutter.

7.     Clamping of studs:

Use a clamping device to join studs and tracks at the point where they meet.

8.     Seal each stud using plastic ties:

Tie a plastic or electric cable along the centerline of each stud to secure it.

9.     Dangle the drywall using drywall screws:

The screws to be dangled or hanged should have 8 inches (20.3 cm) between them to avoid complications.

Pros of Metal Stud Framing

Construction companies in Calgary and other areas use stud framing because of their proven advantages. Following are the pros of metal stud:

●       Durable than wood:

Like wood, metal framing does not change its condition when experiencing moisture, e.g., it neither shrinks nor swells.

●       Resistance against fire:

Metal framing possesses resistance to fire, and for this advantage, it has more demand in commercial construction.

●       Easy installation:

The lightweight metal studs are easy to move. You can use them anywhere in your steel buildings.

●       High quality:

You’ll find the metal studs more precise, accurate, and superior in quality if you compare them with wood studs. In addition, metal studs are more durable than wood because wood can warp, bend or twist easily after a short period.

●       Waste-free process:

As compared to wood, metal stud framing is a waste-free process. Moreover, the use of wood causes considerable economic and environmental burdens.

Cons of Metal Stud Framing

Following are the cons of metal stud framing:

Expensive process:

As the demand for metal stud has increased in commercial construction, its cost has also increased. As a result, it has become more expensive than wood framing. However, you will save more money in the long run because metal framing is more durable.

Bad insulating material:

If we compare wood to metal, metal is not a good insulator. It is a conductor of cold and heat. To avoid complications and damages, we have to use additional insulators while installing metal stud framing.

Less strength:

Due to the light gauges used in framing, their strength decreases with time. It is possible to overcome this drawback, but it will definitely cost more.

Less suitable for wireless signals:

Metal stud framing usually interferes with wireless signals. However, you can overcome this drawback by using multiple wifi boosters etc.

Cost of Metal Stud Framing

You must know that metal framing costs more than wood framing, but you will save a lot of money in the long run. So, if you estimate the cost of metal framing, it can be around $9-$11 per square foot. Labours also cost about $100-$300.


Stud Framing has become immensely popular in commercial constructions because of its proven advantages. It is more durable than wood framing, but it is almost 30% more expensive than wood framing. However, stud framing provide can save considerable expenses in the long run.  It is an essential part of steel buildings, and the installation process is much easier than wood studs.


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