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Merits of an Asustor NAS storage device for your official uses

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An Asustor NAS or network-attached storage is a device used for storing and serving files. It provides encryption of the folder with security and privacy. Asustor NAS storage device supports a wide variety of platforms not only for web browsers but also for personal computers and smartphones. It is undemanding to use the operating system cross-platform. The Asustor AS5202T NAS setup installation process is straightforward if there is an LCD panel on the front. Asustor NAS with its own display is a faultless process. NAS devices provide long-term storage and venture.  

Asustor provides a reset button dented into a pinhole behind each NAS device. Inserting a lean object and prolonging it into the hole can reset the administrator if it is done for five seconds. That’s how the system account password will reinstate to the admin. HTTP and HTTPS ports will return to 8000 and 8001 which operate to link ADM. Network setting will also return to default setting and ADM defender revert to receive all connections. NAS can be used seamlessly and data will not be lost. 

High tech feature of asustor NAS storage device 

  • Its backup plan allows automatic scheduling of backup data from any PC to NAS devices. 
  • Asustor EZ-Connect allows connection to NAS remotely from any computer or smartphone. Asustor EZ sync turns your NAS into personal cloud space.
  • More than two hundred apps can use for home and business purposes. These apps offer server backups, cloud backup, anti-virus, media server, photo syncing, music and video streaming.
  • Unique Wake-on-wan functions allow workable power control and access. 
  • ASUSTOR NAS managed to include 10GB of LAN port if NAS used as a quick unloader for storing data content temporarily 
  • Defence mechanism also helps to prevent malicious attacks and unauthorised login attempts is provided by in-built network protection of asustor.
  • ADM 2.4.0 increases data encryption speed, and releasing storage space occupied by deleted files is a new encryption mechanism.
  • It offers folder based military grade, 256 bit encryption which gives best privacy and security to sensitive data.
  • LED power controls, ErP power scheduling internal and external hard disk hibernation. Also system sleep mode, night mode LED power, flexible sleep mode are the features offer by the asustor NAS device.

General benefits of NAS storage device

  •  NAS storage device will adds more storage space to a local computer device specially for which the system has low storage space,
  • It is also use to keep emailing documents in order to conjoin to a certain report.
  • Data stored in cloud storage can be accessed anywhere and anytime.
  • It provides protection to our data in case a system computer or smartphone damage.
  • Simple server setup and web based interface also makes it easy to access server settings.
  • Using a NAS drive makes it easy to access your own media server.
  • NAS devices provide the best storage system and backup system.
  •  It can use for storage sharing because multiple servers attach to a common device.
  •  NAS devices can also use as an option for storing virtual machines.
  • NAS has high storing capacity and low maintenance cost which offers great advantages to the business organisation.

Some demerits of NAS storage devices

  • NAS devices don’t support IP version 6 which could be a major problem for organising transition and planning.
  • There is a chance of disk and appliance failure. So, the organisation has to pay extra charges for that.
  • NAS devices also have finite capacity. So, it is important to make proper use of storage.
  • Multiple users at a time cannot access their devices for extracting data.
  • Heavy use of  NAS can also obstruct the  LAN users. The asustor reset process can be difficult for new users.
  • Users cannot share their own data on drive.
  • Natural disasters and human error that may affect the office, can also affect NAS data stored in it.


Easy setup and accessible virtually anywhere and everywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Storing data such as important documents, media files, and keeping email files has given me such a major solution to the data storing problem. It is absolutely amazing networking storage device for all users.

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