Mercedes Class A: which version to choose in 2020?

The Mercedes Class A has met with great success among compact sedans. Motorists appreciate its elegant lines and the qualities of its engine. So much so that the famous brand continues to present new versions of a model that has become a flagship! Would you also like to indulge yourself by purchasing a Mercedes Class A? Here are some things to help you choose the best version.

What engine for a Mercedes Class A?

The choice of engine is often paramount for motorists, and they usually do so based on how useful their car is. The diesel engine is appreciated because it consumes less, so it is a model to favor if you have to drive a lot. Three Mercedes Class A are likely to appeal to heavy drivers: Class A 180d, Class A 200d, and Class A 200d. The Mercedes A-Class 180d is a very good entry-level diesel for individuals and professionals who drive a lot, with more than enough power and an automatic gearbox that makes driving more enjoyable.

For people who live in the city and are looking for a pleasant city car with a petrol engine, the Mercedes A180 Class is versatile and easy to drive in areas where there is little acceleration. It is also available with a manual or automatic transmission. But gasoline does not necessarily mean lack of power, and the Mercedes Classe A45S 4MATIC + is a version likely to appeal to those who wish to use their gasoline for longer journeys. It is quite simply the most powerful 4 cylinder engine in the world!

Note also that Mercedes has been able to innovate and become aware of contemporary requirements, with the creation of the Mercedes Class A 250e and its hybrid engine. In an urban environment, it is perfect, but its 218 horses allow much more, such as the fact of affording a short weekend away from the department with good acceleration and good handling. Are you hesitating about the price? Soliciting an agent from the elite auto is recommended to acquire a model at the best price!

What finish should be preferred for the Mercedes Class A?

Lovers of sedans will have much to be satisfied with the Style Line finish. Elegant with its 17-inch alloy wheels, it also has automatic air conditioning, a 7-inch central touch screen, and a reversing camera.

Compact sedan level, there is no doubt that the Progressive Line finish is a very good choice. You will appreciate its interesting options with a central touch screen this time of 10 inches, the on-board navigation system, the parking pack and what about the beauty of its exhaust pipes and the contours of chrome windows.

Rather sporty finishes? So the Mercedes A-Class AMG Line displays here and there touches of imitation leather inside which are sure to satisfy fans of racing cars with character. Not to mention the diamond radiator grille with chrome dots that are sure to attract all eyes.

Still with AMGs, you will find that the finishes are quite subtle between the AMG Line and the AMG A35. On the other hand, the Mercedes Class A AMG 45 S, with its quadruple tailpipe, its specific rims and its “Panamericana” grille, is placed directly in the category of sports cars not necessarily usable on a daily basis.

So what is the best version?

It is far from easy to determine which is the best model of a type of car, and in reality, it depends on individual tastes and on the daily use of the vehicle. In any case, the basic version of the Mercedes Class A called Style Line is a good choice to get acquainted with this car of character, elegant and contemporary.

In addition to its entry-level price, it displays interesting features with a 7-inch touchscreen multimedia system with voice commands, automatic headlights and wipers, a backup camera, emergency braking and lane departure warning, beautiful upholstery, and 17-inch alloy wheels.

The advantage of the Mercedes Class A is also the possibility of opting for a car that meets current environmental requirements. And for that, the Class A 250e has a thermal engine of 160 horses, assisted by an electric motor of 102 horses. It, therefore, offers the option of driving in 100% electric mode. So of course, its price may decrease more than one, but at the speed at which cars are coming back to the fore during debates on global warming and its consequences, it is an option to seriously consider, to continue. to have fun with a Class A model.

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