MDX Toll Rates: How To Save Money On Your Drive

MDX Toll Rates How To Save Money On Your Drive

This year more than a billion dollars will be collected in tolls on Florida’s highways. It’s no secret toll prices have been going up and you are paying more to get around town but did you know you can save some of your hard ­earned money or even ride in express lanes for free .

MDX Toll Rates

MDX Toll: $3.75 Full Express: $4.00 Grande Express: $3.00 Grande Express with SunPass: $2.75 Business Express: $2.00 Reverse Tolls: $0.25 Clear Skyway with SunPass: $1.25 Clear Skyway with SunPass with EZ-Pass: $1.75 Follow CBSMIAMI.COM: Facebook | Twitter MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The Sun Sentinel reports the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority is working to increase the number of free toll lanes available throughout the region. The state program, dubbed Express Lanes, has led to some major savings on motorists’ wallets but it has also led to some major anger and frustration on the road. At Cypress Creek Road, several drivers reported toll violations, writing on a white sign: “There is an aggressive collector on duty, this service is not free.

Toll Prices

A trip on Interstate 75 North is normally around $1.75 which is about five dollars more than it was two years ago. With the rising toll prices, it may be time to think about taking a different route but what about getting a discount by using express lanes? How To Save If you live near a toll ­­surcharge and you use the express lanes, you’ll be saving money every single day. If you commute on Interstate 95 South you can save about 40 cents for every mile driven if you use the express lanes which may add up over the years. A trip on Interstate 75 South is normally around $2.05 which is about ten dollars more than it was two years ago. Use this app to save time and money for your next trip! Download the @I95ExpressLanes App: #FLTolls pic.twitter.

How to Save Money

Register your car with MDX. Every vehicle registration carries a cash value of $20. So, signing up will automatically save you some cash! If you plan to enter the express lanes more than once a week, register your car and save. MDX also offers a 30-day unlimited payment plan for residents of Dania Beach, Ft. Lauderdale and Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. Start a carpool. All a South Florida driver has to do is pick up two or more other people along the way and work it out. The Florida’s Turnpike Authority (FTA) will give you a $5 discount on tolls if you register with the Turnpike Authority and start a carpool. Go to and register.

Riding the Express Lanes

One way you can get free tolls is by using the Sun Pass Express Lanes. Sun Pass Express Lanes are toll lanes that are located on a 17.6-mile stretch of I-75 between Alafaya Trail and downtown Orlando. To access Sun Pass Express Lanes, you have to have a Sun Pass and pay a minimum of $30 per month to the Sun Pass Express Lanes. The Sun Pass Express Lanes are available during peak hours. To find out when the Sun Pass Express Lanes are open, you can call 407-222-­6200. The price of the Sun Pass will depend on whether the Sun Pass has unlimited travel or the individual tolls are based on distance. Drivers who travel the Sun Pass Express Lanes without a Sun Pass have to pay a flat toll amount of $3.95 for northbound trips, $6.35 for southbound trips, and $5.


Regardless of which toll road you choose, it is essential to know all the charges and the different options available to you to avoid getting ripped off. If you feel you are getting ripped off, there is a legitimate reason, the problem might be with you or it might be with the company.

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