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Why does Mcafee break the PC speed?

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McAfee’s anti-virus software has many functions and features. However, this can cause problems for older computers. McAfee allows you to scan and update your computer automatically. However, these operations consume RAM and bandwidth which means that you have less power. Mcafee slows down computer, if it’s not designed to do so. If you have an older machine it might not be able to meet its system requirements.

Auto-mode Scans Activation on

McAfee automatically scans your device, saving you the effort of having to monitor it manually. McAfee scans your computer once per week by default. However, I won’t wait to see if you are busy. It will start scanning every week on its own schedule, even if there’s a deadline. Scans can take up a lot of RAM and processor power which can significantly slow down any work you do. This can be fixed by setting the automatic scans to run at night or when you are away.

Auto-mode Updates

McAfee keeps a list of virus definitions in order to stay current with new threats and viruses. It uses your Internet connection for this purpose. This is an automatic feature. It doesn’t consume as much processor power but it will eat up your bandwidth while downloading the definitions. It may cause slowdowns while installing the updates. This is where the solution is the same as before. If you choose to disable updates, make sure that they are done regularly, as definition updates occur frequently.

All System Files Scans

Antivirus programs often recommend running a full scan of your system while you are away or overnight. McAfee must scan all files in order to run full scans. This can take up so much processing power it makes it difficult to do other tasks. You can speed up scans by defragmenting your hard disk. It’s easier to scan the files if they aren’t broken up.

Insufficient Hardware

McAfee, and all antivirus software, will be more difficult for older computers. McAfee requires that you have at least 512MB RAM to run Windows XP, 2GB RAM for Windows Vista or 7, 500MB of storage free of charge, and a processor of 1GHz. This isn’t an issue for some systems. However, computers with less than optimal specs will experience slowdowns from McAfee. Upgrade your RAM is a simple way to fix this problem if you have the money and the know-how.


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