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Mattresses: Your Questions Are Answered Here

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What Is the Biggest Size of The Mattress?

The largest size of mattress among all is the King size mattress topper. This is the biggest bed in the standard sizes. Though, there are oversized beds beyond the King mattress. However, these mattresses are not easily available in the market. Hence, one has to likely place a custom order request for them. One of the huge size beds is, the Alaskan King Mattress, which is 9 ft by 9 ft in dimension. 

What Are the Factors to Consider When Buying a Mattress?

  • Materials used to manufacture the mattress
  • The level of firmness
  • The size of the mattress
  • Budget 
  • Assessing the location of mattress placement

What Are Split Sizes?

Split size mattresses are a special type of mattress that does not compromise the sleeper’s comfort. For example, a couple is sharing the bed, one prefers soft while the other partner requires firmness, these mattresses are designed in such a manner to respond to both their requirements. 

Why Is It Important to Have Purity in Memory Foam Toppers?

When it comes to buying memory foam toppers, it is vital for buyers to purchase a mattress topper that is made of pure and high-quality memory foam. However, one must be observant; there are some manufactures that use filler to stuff the foam. Thus, resulting in a poor-quality topper; which will break down in a short period of usage.

mattress topper
Image Source: Unsplash

How To Select the Right Firmness?

The memory foam toppers have a number that indicates the level of their firmness. This numbering differs from the density ratings. Therefore, the softest topper will have the lowest number, while the highest number represents the ultimate level of firmness.

Is It Safe to Put Mattresses on The Floor?

Yes, it is. Most mattresses function absolutely fine even when placed on the grounds. However, with sleeping on the floors, come its own pros and cons. Let us explore it more.

Floor sleeping

Why should you put your mattress on the floor?

When it comes to buying a new mattress, many think they should also have the bed frame and bedding accessories to get a new mattress. That isn’t how it works though. Below, we have discussed a few reasons why you may want to put your mattress on the floor.

What are the benefits of floor sleeping?

The basic reason is that is it a very budget-friendly and cost-effective solution. People with tight budgets do not have to worry about the bedding expenditure, and can have a good quality sleep by just investing in a high-quality mattress. 

Apart from that, it is cooler on the floor. Thus, making it more appealing to hot sleepers.

The floor offers magnificent support. As it is, the floor is hard and flat, hence, ensuring sturdiness and excellent support for the spine. Another benefit of proper alignment of the spine is that it promotes healthy sleep and improves blood circulation.

The mattresses on the floor feel a lot firmer than on beds. Hence, enabling sleepers to maintain a good sleeping posture, leading to a reduction in neck and back pain.  


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