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Massage therapy massage induces relaxation and reduces stress

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Massage therapy massage induces relaxation and reduces stress

Effleurage is a French word meaning ‘light touch’ used to describe a gentle stroking motion used at the beginning of the massage session to warm up or pre-condition the muscles and body tissue before the tissue work begins Deeper. It is the most common “stroke” of Swedish massage, the one which is also used at the end of the session to “heat” the muscles which were strongly used during the massage.

The oil or lotion should be applied at the start of the first pass, allowing smooth movement from one part of the body to another without losing contact with the body. Keeping your hands relaxed, let them slide in a continuous motion molding with the body of the receiver. Body Massage in Media City

By making sure that plenty of oil is used at all times, Effleurage can be worn anywhere on the body, especially the back, and is a good place to start practicing and mastering the style.

The flat surface of the hands glides smoothly over the surface of the skin as the oil prevents friction from occurring. The movement follows the contours of your partner’s body, primarily towards the heart to facilitate blood flow throughout the body. Use the palms of both hands and the padded tips of the fingers to gently work the skin and underlying flesh in long, sliding strokes.


Two essential characteristics

Two essential characteristics of Efleurage’s success are constant contact and pressure with the body. With firm pressure on the upstroke ventilate the area and with light pressure return to where you started. Vary the amount of pressure when applying from soft and smooth to firm and deep, depending on the fabric you wish to work on.

Always use a constant pace, avoiding sudden movements. A slow stroking motion is used for relaxation and a fast pace stimulates the body’s systems. The effleurage improves blood circulation, calms nerves, increases relaxation, and helps promote increased lymphatic drainage, all at the same time. In essence, it’s the perfect preparation for the most intense part of a massage that follows.

If a deeper massage is needed, follow with a circular massage of the area. Only one of your hands is used for this shot. Place your thumb on one side of the spine and your index and middle fingers on the other side. Place your other hand on your head to convey comfort to your receiver. Press down on the muscle and make small circular motions. Massage Center in Al Karama

Advantages of effleurage

Calms nerves and relieves anxiety and stress

Relieves headaches and migraines

Reduces blood pressure which in turn helps with insomnia

Helps eliminate waste by improving blood circulation and stimulating lymphatic flow

· When combined with other massage movements, it can increase agility.

Helps prevent the onset of muscle tension

When done correctly and regularly, the therapeutic effects of stroke are immense, as it creates a relationship of trust between you and the recipient, who experiences a deep sense of relaxation.


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