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Marketing in Vietnam: Opportunities and Difficulties

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30 years prior Vietnam had little to bring to the table the worldwide market. Shut off to the world, it was an invulnerable power with conventional qualities and an abhorrence for private enterprise. A great deal has changed and it’s simply beginning.

Nobody would have anticipated that Vietnam would become one of the biggest purchaser markets on the planet by 2020. 

Presently, its Digital Advertising market alone is valued at $301 million, and that number is relied upon to twofold by 2024. 

Vietnam additionally has the fifth most elevated web infiltration rate in Southeast Asia, following just Singapore and Thailand. 

With a populace of in excess of 96 million individuals and a middle age of 30, Vietnam today is youthful, carefully educated, and receptive. 

Vietnam’s rising working class offers a colossal business opportunity for brands and advertisers the same. 

Great monetary conditions 

A Growing GDP 

In the mid 90s Vietnam was perhaps the most unfortunate country on the planet. Presently, it’s one of the quickest developing economies anywhere, contending with any semblance of China as far as development. 

This is on account of a progression of monetary changes empowering Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). 

The GDP development at present sits at 7.2%, higher than Laos and the Philippines at 6.2% separately. Administrations represent 45.5% of GDP and utilize 35% of the labor force. 

Talented Labor 

Today Vietnam brags a workforce of 60 million. That number develops by 1,000,000 consistently. 35% of this workforce is youthful – brought into the world somewhere in the range of 1976 and 1995. 

95% are proficient, 88% gloat about optional training, 10% are considered exceptionally gifted, and 5% are capable in English. 

With considerably more noteworthy urbanization than elsewhere in Southeast Asia, laborers are beginning to move from lower-wage rural positions to more generously compensated assistance occupations. 

Unfamiliar speculation 

A consistent progression of unfamiliar speculation has been enabling Vietnam’s financial development. In 2019, FDI expanded by $4.8 billion. 

Vietnam is an unfamiliar financial backer’s heaven, with probably the most minimal corporate assessment rates in Southeast Asia. 

Look at this diagram to perceive what we mean: 

Marketing in Vietnam
Figure 1. Duty Rates. Picture Source: Vietnam Briefing. 

With a thriving economy and a youthful labor force, Vietnam is anxious to keep up with its status as quite possibly the most engaging MSME business sector in the area. 

Promoting Landscape: Opportunities 

Neighborhood inclination for global brands 

The late naughties saw large global players enter the country. 

PepsiCo, Unilever, P&G and Heineken all ruled the market. Their absolute retail deals arrived at an incredible $137.4 billion out of 2019. 

Unexpectedly, the market was overwhelmed with worldwide brands all competing for Vietnamese Dong. 

In the midst of this overabundance of unfamiliar brands, Vietnam’s obsession with every conceivable thing unfamiliar has started to wear off, with another age of additional insightful buyers going to the front. 

Those equivalent first organizations are currently working significantly harder to reconsider their brands and advertising systems to oblige this new, more refined market. 

This is an extraordinary chance for new brands with better stories driven by more profound client bits of knowledge. 

The retail blast 

Fast urbanization and higher expectations for everyday comforts have prompted a lot more occupied ways of life in Vietnam. 

This has cultivated a developing craving for buyer retail the nation over, with general stores and a constantly expanding online business industry riding the blast in full power. 

Absolute retail deals will increase by around $58.5 billion throughout the following five years, as per Euromonitor’s measurements. 

In the meantime, online digital media in Vietnam keeps on demonstrating a main thrust behind the adolescent market. It has prompted a developing revenue in design and self-portrayal, and set out a bunch of open doors for advertising new items with a quick turnover. 

With the quickest developing working class in Southeast Asia, Vietnam has been encountering marvelous development rates in its retail area. This pattern looks set to proceed into the future, given its somewhat youthful populace socioeconomics and powerful buyer spending practices. For sure, the ascent of internet business and advanced retail directs in Vietnam is one of the top patterns to watch: by 2025, Vietnam’s internet business market size is relied upon to be second just to Indonesia in the Southeast Asia locale. 

In this report, we investigate the drivers of development in Vietnam’s retail area, and investigate a portion of the characterizing provisions of its new retail scene. Specifically, we analyze the ascent of Modern Trade diverts in Vietnam, including business focuses, general stores, and computerized stages. 

Afterward, we likewise feature a portion of the discoveries from Rice-Vietnam, CPC & Facemask-Vietnam is the most recent retail study, which was directed across almost 700 families in the two metropolitan urban communities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in late 2018.

Web for everybody 

Web access is shockingly very much spread the nation over, even in more far off and rustic areas. 

Minimal expense administrations combined with a youthful populace have seen Internet utilization soar as of late. 

The populace has greeted online media wholeheartedly, with more than 33% of the country delegated dynamic Facebook clients – about 46.7 million individuals. 

Difficulties of advanced advertising in Vietnam 

Marketing in Vietnam
Figure 2. Issues in computerized advertising of Vietnam. Picture Source: Q&Me 

However advanced promotion i.e. digital marketing is still somewhat new to Vietnam, the country’s children are continually getting back from work and school abroad, outfitted with a wide range of expert aptitude. 

All things considered, the Vietnamese promoting scene actually has the best approach. 

Advanced showcasing offices actually battle to source qualified ability, while brands taking care of their promoting in-house consistently wrestle with misguided missions and befuddled or ineffectual informing. 

Copycat missions and subordinate advertisements are a lot of the standard, leaving significant space for more innovative, restricted promotion. 

Rustic populace 

While Vietnam’s financial advancement has been quite exceptional, it actually faces a large number of the difficulties presented to any creating economy. 

Vietnam’s most prominent test is its 61 million-in number country populace, who are battling to find their cosmopolitan siblings and sisters. 

While provincial Vietnamese might appreciate more prominent ways of life than before, it’s as yet a huge test to contact them, not least due to the trouble of settling in rustic regions. 


Vietnam’s populace is getting more youthful while the working class is becoming bigger. Toss in a soaring advanced proficiency rate and you have an alluring objective for unfamiliar brands. 

In any case, not all things are radiant in Vietnam. A gigantic divergence among rustic and metropolitan expectations for everyday comforts makes it a genuine test to sell your item out in the sticks. 

A couple of brands in Vietnam are taking advantage of cutting edge showcasing methods like brand-narrating. 

Understanding the social subtleties of the Vietnamese public will be critical to opening this profoundly pursued MSME market

For a brand to succeed, it’s basic to keep awake to-date with the most recent promoting patterns, an accomplishment best cultivated as one with a neighborhood office.


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