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Manage your auto subscription account

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Today we all use various programs and software for performing various jobs. These applications are available in premium and freeware. For free programs, users only have to check the resource requirements and install the program directly. But for premium applications, the user has to check the resource requirements and purchase the license. After installing the setup, he needs to activate the license for using the premium services. The company provides the license for a certain time like a month or year. After the period, the user has to renew his license for using the services. After expiry, the user doesn’t have to create a new account; he can directly renew his subscription and use the program. If you didn’t renew the program whenever it expires. If you don’t need the program for a while then don’t renew it. Users can renew the program when they require the tools. Many programs have the auto-renewal mode. With the auto-renewal, the user isn’t required to renew his plan manually.

Enabling auto-renewal service 

This service is available on various premium programs. In monthly subscription programs, renewing the subscription can be bothersome. If you forget to renew the plan, the subscription expires. When you want to use the program for a long time then you can enable the auto-renewal service. If you have provided the bank details while purchasing the program; it will be used on auto-renewal. Your subscription will get renewed before expiry and payment will be done on the provided bank account. Enabling the auto-renewal feature is a good method to prevent program expiry.

  1. Open the program account’s page on the browser
  2. Click on the My Profile option
  3. Provide your credentials 
  4. Now go to your profile and click on the subscription window
  5. You will see the renaming days of your license 
  6. Check for auto-renewal
  7. If the auto-renewal feature is available then enable it
  8. Click Yes on the confirm button

Go to the subscription window and see the changes. Now you can’t see the remaining days and the auto-renewal feature will highlight. After enabling the auto-renewal mode on your program, you can use the program without expiry concerns.

Can you cancel a Norton subscription?

Norton antivirus also provides the subscription for its plans. The auto-renewal feature of the Norton program prevents the license from expiry. But when the user doesn’t want to renew the plan; he must cancel the Norton subscription. If he doesn’t, the Norton setup will renew automatically. When you don’t want to renew the license; cancel the subscription. 

  1. Open your Norton account on the browser
  2. Type the login credentials
  3. Go to your subscription page
  4. Check your running Norton subscription
  5. Hit on the cancel button
  6. Users may get the confirmation window
  7. Tap on Confirm button

Your subscription window will start showing the expiry date of your subscription. Even if you have cancelled the subscription, you can use the Norton antivirus plan. Your plan will expire on the original expiry date. After the expiry of your Norton antivirus subscription, you can renew the program when you require it. For upgrading the program, remove the expired setup and get the new one.

Managing the app subscription on Android 

Many premium programs are also available for Android devices. If the user wants any program, he can search and install it on the play store. In case the program is not available on the play store; you have to change the default settings for installing it from the web. Once you install the application; you can either go for the free version on purchase of the subscription.

  1. Open the program and click on Premium
  2. The user has to create the account 
  3. Fill in the personal and billing details
  4. You can use the premium tools now. In case, you want to cancel its subscription then use the play store.
  5. Open play store and hit on Profile
  6. Select Subscriptions and tap on your program
  7. Hit on the Cancel button and choose to confirm option

Now the subscription will get cancelled and the plan will not renew automatically.

Renewing the program’s license manually

When your program license is expired and you want to use it then renew the subscription. You can renew the license from the dashboard directly. Go to My Profile and click on subscription. Hit on the Renew button and the user will get various renewal plans. Select the renewal plan for your program and tap on the confirm button. After the payment for renewal; you will get the mail. Now you can access your program easily.


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