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How to Resolve Malwarebytes Error Code 383

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Malwarebytes is a security program that provides device protection tools in its freeware. For internet security, users can go for its paid tools. Malwarebytes program offers different security plans for different interfaces. You can select a Malwarebytes antivirus plan according to the system needs. In an account for keeping the device safe, your Malwarebytes should be working always. When you get Malwarebytes Error Code 383 on the screen, fix it before your PC gets into any trouble.

Common Reasons behind Malwarebytes Error Code 383

  1. Malwarebytes program files are missing
  2. Your system files are not working
  3. Device junk is interrupting your antivirus
  4. The user has another security program
  5. Malwarebytes registry files are not working
  6. Any program is conflicting with Malwarebytes

Troubleshooting Malwarebytes Error Code 383

Restart your device

When any of your programs stop working; close all the running programs and restart the device. Your device can face runtime errors due to numerous reasons. Sometimes, the file gets stuck and the program starts showing errors. In case the user is running many programs then an error can occur when the program can’t get the required resources. After restarting your device, the user should only run a Malwarebytes scan. When the scanning process starts without any error then you can easily run other programs. 

Update Malwarebytes Setup

While running your program, if you get error code 383 then check for its update. Your antivirus may show an error code when the setup is outdated. Open the Apps folder. Click on Malwarebytes and choose the update button. Check the internet as your Malwarebytes won t update if the network is unstable. Now, wait until the Malwarebytes setup gets updated. Now restart the computer and try to run your antivirus.

Delete junk from the Computer

The user can often get errors while running the antivirus when the system has lots of junk. Your antivirus can show error code 383 as it detects the junk on the device. But most of the junk doesn’t cause any harm to the system. Your antivirus can’t find it on the virus chart. Whenever your antivirus shows an error while scanning; inspect all the junk on the computer. You should remove that junk and then scan the device. The user has to inspect all files on the drives. But detecting all the junk from the device manually is difficult.

On Windows devices, users can run a utility tool that can detect the junk from your PC. The user has to run the cleanmgr on the device. The service will scan all files on the computer. You will see a list of junk files. Select the junk files and tap on the delete button. Once you remove junk from the PC, restart the system and try scanning the device with your Malwarebytes. 

Repair the Registry Files

If your Malwarebytes antivirus is not opening and showing error code 383 then immediately inspect the registry files. Programs show an error code while opening if the related registry files are not working. You have to check for the files which are not working. But users can’t repair those files manually as a wrong edit can get the whole program into error. Before editing the files, you should create a backup. Open the registry files on the system and go to Malwarebytes files. Select the files and create their backup key. Now edit your corrupted registry files and then your error code will get resolved.

Remove another antivirus from the system 

Using multiple antiviruses on the system creates conflict. But users can run another antivirus with Malwarebytes. When you are getting an error code, check for another antivirus. If the other program had a real-time scan feature then Malwarebytes will show an error whenever you start scanning. For fixing the error, either you have to disable the real-time feature or remove the antivirus. To prevent any error, the user should remove another antivirus from the device and run on Malwarebytes.

Reinstall Malwarebytes on the computer

Error code 383 can occur on Malwarebytes when some of its program files are corrupted. Repair the files and then run the antivirus. Sometimes users delete Malwarebytes program files mistakenly and the setup gets into error. Remove the corrupted Malwarebytes from the computer. For a free Malwarebytes setup, you can download it directly from the web. If you have premium Malwarebytes then go to the account and reinstall the setup on the computer. 


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