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Making Great Nangs Near Me

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What could be more exciting than coming home after a long day to a kitchen full of delicious treats and Nangs? In this article, I am going to share my experience creating homemade Nangs in our family kitchen. We have now moved on to using Nangs as an alternative to Whipped Cream. We always used a packet of gelatine when making whipped cream. However, after trying a variety of recipes for both creams. And gelatine we eventually gave up and began to use Nangs.

We use a local bakery for our Meringue

And I love going there for fresh baked goodies. This is where we first tried our Nangs near me. And I was impressed with the quality of the Nangs and the price. They also sell them in various sizes as well as a selection of different flavors. The whipped cream was consistently delicious and the Nangs kept me tasting the best that we had ever tasted.

To make our Nangs, we started with a half blend of cream and pudding mix. Which can be found in any grocery or baking store. The cream came from the local grocery store and was mixed with water until it was no longer lacey. We then used our cream whirling cream attachment and whipped the mix into a bowl. We used our Meringue attachment to put the bowl in the microwave and cooked it on the lowest setting. Our Nangs nearly never came out of the bowl. This was surprising since we usually ended up with balls of fudgy goop.

After we finished our Meringue

We put the bowl in the microwave and turned it on to heat. Immediately, we saw our Nangs turn into coagulated mush. It was still pretty much jelly-like when we first made it. We put two and a half tablespoons of our new whipped cream. Into each one of our Meringue pots and stirred. Then we moved on to a third and fourth cup of the Meringue and let it whip. Again, it was still pretty much the same as the first.

This is when we decided to try to make Nangs in our own kitchen. So we went to our local Wal-Mart and bought a small can of cream. That we could use for just a few days. We used about one and a half cups of cream. And then put it into our Meringue pots one at a time. Once this process was complete. We ended up with three and a half cups of creamy pudding that we were very happy with. So after trying to make Nangs in a different way, we gave it a shot.

So instead of trying to make Nangs in a bowl or by hand

We got the Meringue and whipped it using the cream whirl. To our surprise, this worked better than any of us had thought it would. The reason it worked so well is that once the Meringue was whirled, the consistency of the cream was much easier to handle. Also, once the cream was whipped, there was no need to put the bowl in the microwave.

Making Meringue is very easy. For one, all you need is your Meringue pot and your electric bowl whirling machine. And For two, you need a bowl in your kitchen and a Meringue pot that can fit your springform pan. For three, you will need a Meringue mold in which to place your yummy Nangs. However, the easiest way for anyone to make their very own Nangs is to buy them from an Asian market or supermarket. Of course, we prefer the Asian market ones simply because they taste so much better and are more authentic than the mass-produced variety.

To make your own, you will need

Two large pieces of uncooked pasta shells (thick in texture), two canning jars with lids, one measuring cup, non-stick spray, and your Meringue Pot (also called the cream whirl or the whip-style). Bring all these ingredients to your Asian food store, check out which brand is best for what you have in mind, and then carefully mix them together until they form a paste. It is recommended to go for the thickest consistency so that your Nangs will not fall apart. Next, cut your Meringue into thin disks, and place them in your lids. Leave it to set for about half an hour.


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