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Making Doggy Bath Time Fun and Easy

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If you have a dog, then you know that there are certain activities that you have to coax them into doing – like bathing. A lot of dogs will run away at the sound of water running in the bathtub because they know what it means. Some dogs don’t like the feeling of having their coats drenched in water. Other dogs don’t like the feeling of being trapped in a tub. Nevertheless, if your dog isn’t very fond of baths, don’t fret. A vet Sarasota, FL has come up with creative ways to make bath time more enjoyable for your dog.

Bathing Supplies

When it comes to bathing your dog, preparation is key. Be sure to lay out all the bathing supplies that you’ll be needed beforehand. This includes towels, dog shampoo or soap, a cup or bucket for rinsing. Laying all of these items out will make them quickly available within your reach when you need them. This means you won’t need to leave your nervous dog alone in the tub any longer than he needs to be. For even more tips on making bath time easier for your pooch, ask a veterinarian Sarasota, FL.

Fill the Tub

Dogs are very cerebral, and certain sounds and sights can trigger them or make them apprehensive. Making them enter the tub first and then turning on the water can make them more apprehensive than ever. To avoid this, fill the tub up with warm water prior to them getting in. That way you can lead them to the tub and simply have them hop in. Need more guidance on how to prevent your dog from being nervous before bath time? Don’t worry, a local vet clinic Sarasota, FL is ready to help.

Making Doggy Bath Time Fun and Easy

Nonslip Mat

Have you ever been taking a bath, and then suddenly you lost your footing? It’s a fearful experience. Your dog feels the same way whenever they lose footing. Prevent this from happening on the slippery bathtub floor by adding a nonslip mat or another non-slip item to emphasize grip. Not having to worry about slipping and sliding around in the tub will put your dog’s mind at ease. Next time you visit an animal hospital Sarasota, FL, be sure to ask for other ways to keep your dog stable during bath time.

Rinse Cup

If your dog does not like the bathing process, they probably also don’t like water being splashed on them from a faucet or showerhead. Use a cup or bucket to rinse the soap or shampoo off them. This method is much quieter and less aggravating for your dog. The last thing you want is for your dog to freak out. Then you just may have to end up taking them to a veterinary clinic Sarasota, FL.

Another benefit of a rinse cup is it also gives you more control when rinsing sensitive areas like the face or nose. Your local animal hospital Sarasota, FL can give you even more helpful ways on rinsing your dog off during a bath. It’s time for you to come and see your local pet clinic Sarasota, FL. Make an appointment online, or pick up the phone and call today.


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