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Making A Fashion Statement With Girls Hairstyles To Wear With A Hat

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Hats really make for one stylish fashion accessory. Besides being a practical choice – being a source of protection against sun damage and covering those greasy strands when you have dirty hair – hats give an instant boost to just about any outfit making it look super-cool. With that being said, if you have some music festival to attend and you want to wear that luxury boho hat you bought last time, you should pair it up with some beautiful hairstyle to make a unique fashion statement of your own.

Before doing anything else, and regardless of your chosen hairstyle, it is advised that you create perfectly carved out, second-day texture that would help achieve a great hairstyle. Next, pick your hairdo to wear with a hair from these haircuts for girls listed below and make a statement of your own. You’d definitely love the eventual result for sure.

Fishtail Pigtails

When somebody talks about pigtails, an image of a 12 year-old girl might pop up in your mind right away. However, if you can add that small fishtail to the pigtails of yours, you’d get a super-chic and more grown-up feel. Here are the steps that you need to follow for achieving this wonderful hairstyle.

  1. Part the hair into a couple of equal sections creating fishtail braid on either side.
  2. Next, tease those ends of your braids for securing it.
  3. Now, tug the braids gently for pulling them apart to some extent (or maybe pancake that if you wish to) so that you can create a fuller and messier look.

Wear a beautiful hat on top and cherish an amazing style.

Messy Tuck Bun

A perfect choice for those hot summer days when all you want is to get rid of your sweaty locks. The look can be achieved by following the steps below:

  1. Do not brush the hair as your key to getting this style to perfection is keeping it messy overall and working with the hair just the way they are.
  2. Pull the hair backwards into low ponytail before securing it into place using elastic.
  3. Now, flip ends of the ponytail in upward direction and towards the side before securing them using one more elastic so that your tucked bun can be created.

That’s it, you can wear this wonderful look with a hat and look gorgeous.

Small Accent Braids

If you have been wearing that boring ‘down hairstyle’ for a long time, you should be adding some small braids at random right through your hair. The hairstyle would definitely make a statement when you’ll wear it with your stylish hat. Here’s how the look can be achieved to perfection.

  1. Take a small hair section on side of the head before beginning the fishtail braid down to the ends. Regular braids might also work here but a fishtail braid can really take the look up a notch.
  2. When there’s a couple of inch left at the braids’ bottom, split your hair into two before tying it into shoelace knot and securing the look.
  3. The ends of the braids should now be backcombed so that the braid may not unravel.

Finally, wear it with a hat and flaunt your beautiful style.

Messy Waves And A Flat Fringe

It is always a great idea to create a perfect fringe illusion around the face and give a vibe of 70s style to your hairdo. Below are the steps to follow for creating the look.

  1. Pull your hair bangs in the forward direction before spraying them down using water.
  2. Now, press the hair to the forehead using your palm and flatten it all down until it gets dried out.
  3. Make sure that you sweep the ends away from the face only while leaving the section close to the roots that are pulled forward. This will create a perfect illusion of those long beautiful bangs.

That’s a simple 3-step style which you can wear with any classic hat of yours. Make a statement now.

Shoelace Buns

Wearing that hat to make a style statement does not really mean that you cannot wear that favorite bun of yours. Shoelace Buns give you a quick option you can go with anytime. Here’s is how to achieve it.

  1. Split the hair from the center forming a couple of pigtail sections.
  2. Now, take a section and then split that into two once more.
  3. Next, grab these two sections before tying them together into a beautiful shoelace knot. Use bobby pin to secure the knot to the head.
  4. Keep making such shoelace knots right to your hair’s ends until there’s only few inches left. Finally, secure the knots at bottom using small elastic.
  5. Repeat the same process on other side as well. Your style would continue to get shorter while braiding and eventually it will take resemblance of a beautiful bun. That’s it, you’re done.

So, these really are some of the amazing hairstyles that you can wear with a hat for making a fashion statement. They look amazing and the overall style of yours would be just perfect as well.


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