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Make Your Spaces Look Bigger with the Best Interior Designers in Gurgaon

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Not everyone can own a big house, but you can make your small rooms feel more spacious and airy with some simple tricks. Just a few moves here and there around the house and your small home look more prominent and spacious. We understand that a home serves an essential purpose and has a special place in everyone’s life. It doesn’t matter whether your room is big or small, if it looks cluttered, then it will not be comfortable to live in. Making use of the full area in a room, home, office, or anywhere seems challenging, but it’s not impossible. With the help of these simple tips by professional interior designers, you can use most of the spaces. 

You may learn how to make a room appear more prominent with a few clever interior design inspired tactics. Colour schemes, furniture placement, mirror placement, and imaginative lighting design can deceive the eye and make homes appear much more significant than they are. Before getting there, first let’s clear some basics.

Who is an interior designer? 

If interior designing is an art, then interior designers are the artist. They play a multipurpose role and provide accurate design advice to a person who lives or uses interior space. They usually work for clients. Customers vary from households to big businesses, and the areas created are similarly diverse, from modest indoor and outdoor home settings to lobbies and stunning mansions. Regardless of size, every interior designer creates beautiful, practical, and secure environments that suit the customer’s particular requirements.

Role of interior designers

Interior designers aim to create attractive, practical, and safe places while also satisfying the demands of their clients. They are the main character in making the home a more beautiful, spacious, and elegant place. Their key roles include:

  • They visualize the interior
  • Make plans 
  • Sketching designs plans as per the clients need
  • Sources products and materials
  • Determines costs and inspects construction to ensure alignment
  • It helps you in choosing the best interior for your home or offices or any space 

How do interior designers help you to elaborate your home?

Interior designing plays a significant role in making a house more beautiful. The best interior designers do not just make the house look more stylish but also add elegance and comfort to daily life. They play a crucial role in making the house look good. They make sure that a basic structure of cement is turned into a beautiful, elegant and comfortable place to live in after they have done their magic. Furniture, walls, paints, and other interior designing elements are the best friends of every interior designer.  

The Latest Interiors are one of the best interior designers in Gurgaon and conduct their work in a very professional way. The team puts their best foot forward to ensure that the clients get the value of their money. When building the best homes and structures, designers understand their clients’ needs and follow their hearts. They share their experiences and assist individuals in making decisions based on their preferences.

Being the best interior designers in Gurgaon, they make sure that the spaces they are designing are functional, beautiful, safe and functional. The satisfaction of the client is all that matters.

Now here are some of the fantastic tips and tricks which have been suggested and used by the best interior decorators in Gurgaon:

  • Use light colours

Dark colours make space feel cosy and intimate, whereas light colours make space feel open and airy. Light colours reflect more light which makes the area looks shinier and positive. Therefore going for white or pastel colours is the best way to instantly make a space look more spacious.

  • Furniture placement

Furniture placement is not an easy thing to manage since they can be heavy, bulky and they also block a lot of space. Fixing appropriate tables in the proper areas makes a room look more spacious, and you can use the space for other things.

Adjust the size of your furniture to fit the space. Larger pieces of furniture should be placed against the walls to maximize open space and make the room appear larger. Also, avoid obstructing pathways. A room will appear cramped if furniture and accessories block the view into it. If possible go for glass furniture or choose ones with thin structures.

  • Coordination between walls and colours

Different colour of the wall and furniture makes the room looks unbalanced which makes a space look smaller as they attract more attention towards them. To fix it, choose furniture that matches the wall colour and blend with space, giving the illusion of a bigger room.

  • Proper Lightning

Light plays a vital role in creating an illusion of a bigger room or a bigger space. Any space will look more significant if it is well-lit, either by natural light or artificial lighting. Light will make the place looks brighter and more prominent.

  • Add mirrors

Mirrors are best in making any place look more prominent if it is used in a proper position. If you use a large frame mirror on a wall or an oversize framed mirror against a wall, you will get the same room enlarging effect as a mirrored wall but with more style. Another benefit of the mirror is that it reflects the space and light, which results in a more open feeling. You can place the mirror on the top of the coffee table or side table. 

  • Light fabrics

Using light fabrics for the curtains on window, bed sheets, and table covers will allow light to pass through them. The light weight fabrics make the room look more spacious and airy, giving an illusion of more space. Choose faintly printed designs or solid colours for a beautiful and optimistic view.

  • Big accessories

Using big furniture or accessories in the place of several small spaces will work constructively. Basically declutter your space, try to adopt minimalism. Using a large table will make the room looks more spacious, calmer, and more comfortable. This way the attention will be on the table and look the whole space more balanced.

  • Removing too much stuff

The thing which makes a small room look cosier is nothing but too much stuff. Remove unnecessary things from the rooms and arrange them in an organized manner to make it look more spacious and clean. With things neatly organized and out of sight, the space in view will feel orderly and open.

  • Clear the walls

Walls, too, make the room look cosier. Covering the wall with large pictures makes the space look small. To make space look bigger, choose large paintings instead of small images.

  • Floor

Try to make the floor looks clear. Remove huge carpets and add a small rug instead. The small rugs will provide additional floor space.

When it comes to the best interior decoration and professional designers, no one can stand in front of the Latest Designers. Being one of the best interior designers in Gurgaon with professional experience in architecture, interior designing, landscape designing, we offer various services. The services offered include architectural and interior design projects of residential and commercial projects, offices, hotels, hospitals, exterior and interior, restaurants, and various industries. 

Kindly contact our team for more information, we would love to make your acquaintance.


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