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Make Your Business Cards Stand Out with Various Custom Printing Techniques

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A good way of getting the customer to stop and notice your product is through Custom Printing. This is a unique and individual way of marketing any business. Sometimes by just changing paper stock, adding foil to a logo, or adding a Pantone Ink can take your marketing skills to the next level. You can differentiate from your competitors by giving a unique look to your packaging. But it should be kept in mind that if the customized printing is not in accordance with the message of your brand or campaign then you should not be compelled to use it. Although they can be aesthetically pleasing and appealing but if used in the wrong way can damage the image of your brand.

Why choosing a good printing company is important

Choosing the right the custom printing company for your business is very important. If you fail in making the right choice then this can hurt your business significantly. When you are running a business, you cannot wait days in order to get a response from a printing company. You cannot wait for getting the price estimates of your services and you can also not afford to get your timeline pushed back by the printing company. Such types of companies not only give you a headache but also waste your time and money.

For saving yourself time and money, you need to hire someone that can work with you for bringing success to your company. Someone who will discuss with you about your

  • project expectations
  • your budget for the project
  • time frame in which your project will be completed
  • look at layout and design elements
  • discussion on mailing services and much more

Why choosing a good printing service is important?

You need a good printing service to increase the quality, quantity, and production speed of your project. According to your budget, you can select from different options available in the market.

  • Desktop Printing

If you want a printer for only printing manuals, flyers, or invoices, then a desktop printer is perfectly fine for you. The printers already present in your home or office can produce good quality copies when you use a good printer. Once your quantity increases with time then you can shift to a printing service. This is because when your printing requirements increase, your paper cost will also get expensive whilst you are doing it yourself.

  • Digital Printing

Digital printers are very effective if you want low-run printing. For example 100 flyers or postcards, few posters, or for the printing of few complex documents. A digital file is directly sent to a toner-based printer or copier. Since the turnaround time of order is quick, therefore, you can use digital printing when you are short on time. Digital printing quality is not always up to the mark or professional. But with the improvement in technology, the results are getting close. For large format printing such as vinyl banners or large posters, you can use high-end digital printers.

  • Off-set Printing

Offset printing is the type of printing in which the ink is transferred from the metal plates to rubber plates and then onto the paper. Brands use this type of printing method for their commercial printing needs.  Examples are Glossy Brochures, Business cards, catalog, etc. Now there are 2 types of offset printing. One is “sheet fed” in which individual sheets are fed into the printer. This is used for short or standard business marketing printing. The second one is “web-fed” in which rolls of paper are fed in printer. “Web-fed” is cost-effective for commercial printing of magazines, catalogs, books, or newspapers.

Usage of Business Cards for Marketing Purpose:

Business cards are the most important advertising tool of any marketing company. It is essential that you give all the important information about your brand on the business card. Instead of giving your contact number, mention everything that makes you stand out from your competitor. For example, if you are offering free delivery, or selling fresh and organic fruits and vegetables, free from harmful chemicals, etc., then you should include it on your business cards. Adding promotional codes on your business card is a great way of attracting people to your brand.

Most important of all, your business card should be custom printed in a professional quality. Typing errors and flimsy paper can put your customer off, pay special attention to the details. For ensuring the credibility of your business do add a company logo and an email address. You can always hire a designer if you are having difficulty in designing your business cards.


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