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Make the better version of Healthcare – Practo App Clone

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Everybody’s life on earth is so unpredictable that we never know what is going to happen the next moment. Anything is possible at any time. Yet, technology has its role to play here. The improvement in Artificial intelligence has now reached out to predict long-term health issues of a patient, the severity, and also calculate his/ her life span. And similarly, on the technical side, there is a new advent of mobile applications serving health care. 

Applications like Practo are in high demand for their timely help in case of emergency. These applications focus on getting quick medical aid and assistance to first aid from Doctors, before reaching them directly. Practo and its similar applications bring doctors and other medical needs to the patient who cannot travel to get the required help at the very moment. 

What does an application like Practo do?

Applications similar to Practo aid medical assistance, provide medicine suggestions, get in contact with expert doctors for a normal check-up and during emergency cases. It also tracks the medical records of the patient. Practo and its similar application are handy tools for any patient individually stuck and in need of a medical emergency. 

Working on a Practo app

For any application, registration and login are common. After the basic login formalities, the patient sets up his profile and describes his problems. The application getst access to people’s location. 

Once the data is gathered, the application process

  1. The specialist in the area will be fixed with an appointment.
  2. The consultation takes place at the scheduled time
  3. Prescriptions will be uploaded separately. 
  4. The patient, after his consultation, pay fees online 
  5. And can buy the medication at nearby pharmacies. 

Why are applications like Practo so demanding?

App like Practo are demanding in the market as they are considered today’s online lifesaver tools. This application helps a lot of individuals, especially those who are alone and need medical guidance. Practo app is very convenient to use, that is provided, 

  • online prescription for patients
  • Schedule appoints online for senior citizen 
  • Meet professional doctors online and offline as convenient 
  • Get professional advice from well-equipped doctors
  • Low consulting fee 
  • Upload medical report for doctor consultation.

And many other internal services with tech assistance. These features demand the availability of its existence in the market. And also has drawn the attention of many users and doctor professionals to use and benefit from its services.

Need for Practo clones 

Despite Practo and its niches providing services to the society through its medical assistance, few features could be incorporated with the Practo clone making it more efficient at a lower cost. There are several app developers around who could help you develop similar applications like the Practo app with more advanced features and options that can serve better.

Meeting the drawbacks of the existing health care application, Practo Clones can have improved search options and categories to choose from, like having separate fields for the dentist, physicians, dermatologist, etc. separately. These cloned applications like Practo can aid in the development of medical startups. Also, help individual practitioners opportunities to build on their career.

For a patient, in this Covid situation, it’s confusing to visit hospitals. Through the Practo clone application, anyone can consult the doctor without any discomfort. And considerably, the online fee for consulting is also low. And the most interesting fact is that these applications can also upload medical reports for consultation. There is no need to go to different doctors at different places for opinions. You get the opportunity to consult different doctors from one place. 

Requirements in Practo Clones

Apart from the regular features of Practo, its clones have to check on a few other attributes to meet the market demand to sustain and succeed. 

  • It’s important to get a fair knowledge about the target audience 
  • Provide facilities for doctors to invest in the application.
  • Efficient location tracking systems to be incorporated.
  • Easy log in formalities
  • Multiple payment portals 
  • Language preferences to make a conversation easy.
  • Additional features and categories 
  • Emergency alert options
  • Medicine scanning facilities 

And a lot of other attributes can also be added to a Practo Clone for its easy accessibility to meet the market trends. 

Final verdict

The healthcare sector is very important and needed to be active in this situation. And bringing such a service through mobile applications is helpful as it would reach a wider community easily and is more convenient. There are several app developing companies that cater the best service to build a sufficiently effective and efficient Practo clone application for those who are wanting to take the health care service to great heights.


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