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M-PESA Global Service for International Money Transfer To and Fro Uganda

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Uganda, officially known as the Republic of Uganda, is a landlocked and underdeveloped country in East-Central Africa. Although the country’s economy is poor, its rich and diverse landscapes call for numerous tourists every year, leading to a significant increase in its tourism industry. 

Let us see and discuss how international money transfers are possible to and from Uganda in this article. The wirings are feasible between several countries like Kenya, Uganda, and Nigeria, primarily through the M-PESA Global service.

Mode of Transfer

International money transfer is achievable from any abroad country to Uganda and wise versa through few effortless steps. Several modes of sending a sum of money exist. They include the following:

  • Direct bank wirings
  • Transfer through an intermediary agent
  • M-PESA Global service

What is an M-PESA Global Service?

An M-PESA Global, where M stands for mobile and PESA means Swahili for money, is a mobile-based online money transfer service and platform. Launched by Vodafone Group plc and Safaricom in 2007, it allows its registered customers to send and receive money globally. 

All M-PESA clients can deposit, withdraw and send funds to East Africa and other countries worldwide using its convenient and easy-to-understand features. M-PESA Global operates internationally. It creates an uncomplicated international mode of transfer that even ordinary people can use. 

Benefits of M-PESA Global Service

Numerous advantages are associated with this international fund transfer service. A few of them include the following:

  • It curbs the need to travel to and visit banks for sending and receiving money
  • It allows all transactions on and via the phone
  • The service permits recipients to receive the money in their local currency irrespective of where the sender transferred it from
  • It provides a detailed report after each money transfer
  • There are no transaction fees or additional charges associated with the service
  • It works on a global platform, allowing one to send and receive money among various countries

Steps to Use and Operate M-PESA Global Service

M-PESA Global Service is accessible through a mobile or smartphone. Overall, there are two methods to operate it.

The process to utilize its amenities comprises the following steps:

1.     Method 1 

  • Dial *840# on the phone
  • Accept the ‘Terms and Conditions’
  • Select ‘Send Money Abroad’
  • Enter the preferred PIN Code
  • Select ‘Send Money’
  • Enter the phone number of the international recipient in the format 256XXXXXXXXXX
  • Input the amount that needs transference and the M-PESA Global pin to confirm and complete the transaction

2.    Method 2

  • Download and open the MySafaricom app on the phone
  • Select M-PESA followed by M-PESA Global
  • Accept the ‘Terms and Conditions’
  • Select ‘Send’
  • Input the details, like transferrable amount and PIN Code, as and when required to confirm and complete the transaction

Transaction Limits of M-PESA Global Service

Before going forward with any money transfer using M-PESA Global service, individuals must know about the maximum and minimum limit per transaction. 

In terms of the currency of Kenya, the Kenya Shilling (KSHS), the limits are:

  • Maximum: KSHS 101
  • Minimum: KSHS 70,000

M-PESA Global Service Partners

 On registering to the M-PESA Global Service, individuals can receive the internationally transferred money, without incurring any service charges, through the service partners of the platform. They include:

  • Azimo
  • Skrill
  • Post Finance
  • WorldRemit
  • Western Union
  • Transfer Galaxy
  • MTN Uganda
  • XendPay
  • MoneyGram
  • mHits
  • SkyForex
  • Xpress Money
  • Vodacom Tanzania
  • MTN Rwanda
  • Dahabshiil

 For more details on how to send money to Uganda and send money from South Africa to Uganda, visit the official of Juba Express. It offers a comprehensive description and information of the entire process and proffers the said procedure. 


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